Do unmarried couples who live together as cohabitees have the same rights as married couples?

It is a commonly held belief that if a couple lives together for a long time as cohabitees, they have the same rights as married couples or civil partners. This is untrue. Unmarried cohabiting couples, regardless of how long they have lived together, have far fewer rights than those who are married. “Common law marriages”, […]

Successful Claim of Damages against Developer on Defect and Disrepair

  Recently, we successfully assisted an individual leaseholder client in claiming damages, including loss of income, for her newly built flat in a prestigious area of London.   Background   Prior to the Covid pandemic, the client complained about occasional leaking in the bathroom of the flat. The problem became more serious after the client […]

Guide to the UK Fiance visa. What are the requirements and can you switch to a spouse visa?

Many people will be familiar with the ‘spouse visa’, a type of visa which allows a foreign national to live with their partner in the UK as long as the partner is either British or settled in the UK. However, there is another similar type of visa – the fiance visa. Both visas are separate […]

Migration Advisory Committee recommends scrapping the Shortage Occupation List

The Migration Advisory Committee has published its 2023 review of the shortage occupation list. Commissioned in August 2022, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) is an independent non-department public body that advises the government on migration issues.   Compared with previous reviews, this review was conducted on the basis of the MAC’s recommendation that employers should […]

Concealment of essential information leads to deprivation of citizenship

By Yang Peng   Relationships in real life are not always stable; there are always ups and downs. Likewise, when applying for a visa, applicants often face challenges in proving the genuineness and enduring nature of their relationships. Consequently, accidental omissions and minor errors may occur in the complex visa application procedure.   During the […]

How to rent guide – what do tenants and landlords need to know?

The government has updated its ‘How to Rent’ guide for October 2023. It provides important information for those who are renting a home privately under an assured shorthold tenancy. You can access the latest version of the How to rent guide here.   The How to Rent guide should be given to the tenant at […]

Trust assets – how do I protect them following a divorce?

Trust assets in divorce proceedings are an increasingly common issue in family law cases. In divorce proceedings, if you or your spouse are beneficiaries of a trust and are entitled to capital or income from the trust, this is likely to be considered a financial resource. As a result, it will be financially considered by […]

Council at fault for ignoring woman’s nuisance complaints against restaurant

Nuisance complaints are a surprisingly common occurrence. While there are no statistics for general nuisance complaints, there were a total of 356,367 noise complaints recorded by local authorities in 2020/2021, giving an idea of just how many complaints councils receive in general.   The case we will be discussing today doesn’t exclusively focus on a […]

Brook House Inquiry – what were the findings? Part 1.

By Victor Falcon Mmegwa   This article is a more detailed follow up to our instant report on 19th September about the Home Office response to the Brook House Inquiry. In this article, we will go into more detail about the Inquiry, as well as take a look at some of the recommendations made by […]

ETAs to be introduced for travel to the UK – do I need to apply?

If you have travelled to countries such as Canada, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand, you may be familiar with the concept of an ETA. Short for electronic travel authorisation, ETAs are used to prevent unwanted visitors from entering the respective country. While they are already used in the previously listed countries, both the EU […]

New EPC targets scrapped following Sunak’s Net Zero reversals

In an announcement to the British public this week, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak revealed that he has decided to scrap EPC targets requiring landlords to bring private rental properties up to a minimum level of C by 2025. We discussed these targets in depth in a previous article from February here.   While EPC ratings […]

The Legal Implications of Issuing Warnings Without Action in Employee Management

In the world of employment law, addressing employee misconduct demands a thoughtful and structured approach. One common error that employers often make is the passive issuance of warnings without taking concrete action. In this article, we will explore why this approach can have legal repercussions and the importance of following due process.   The Significance […]

Single-use plastic items banned in England from 1 October 2023

From 1 October 2023 businesses must no longer supply, sell or offer certain single-use plastic items in England. The UK government has announced a ban on a wide range of plastic items, which will include:   Online and over-the-counter sales and supply Items from new and existing stock All types of single-use plastic, including biodegradable, […]

Home Office states 2017 Brook House IRC abuse unacceptable

The Home Office has announced that the abuse at Brook House IRC in 2017 was unacceptable.   In 2019, an inquiry was started into Brook House Detention Centre (Brook House Immigration Removal Centre) in relation to the treatment of detainees in 2017.   The Brook House Inquiry identified 19 instances of mistreatment contrary to Article 3 of […]

UK visa fees to increase from 4th October 2023

UK’s immigration and nationality fees (UK visa fees) are set to increase from 4th October 2023. The Home Office confirmed today (15th September) that they will be increasing fees for the majority of immigration applications starting on 4th October 2023.   The fee rises were originally announced in July this year, and today, legislation is […]

Temporary admission and time spent on visitor visa may still count towards 10-year lawful residence

Migrants who have accumulated ten years of continuous lawful residence (10-year lawful residence) under any combination of visas may qualify for Indefinite Leave to Remain.   This would also include those who spent a period of time on temporary admission or immigration bail and were subsequently granted a visa.   An example of this would […]

BNO Visa priority service introduced! Find out how to apply

The Home Office has recently announced the introduction of a new priority service for BNO visa applicants. This means that British nationals (overseas) from Hong Kong and their families who are planning to move to the UK can pay £500 to have their application processed within 5 working days. As current timescales for the BNO […]

Successful EU Settlement Scheme Appeal for couple despite lack of relevant EU permit

  We have recently been successful in the appeal of an application for our client to join his EU national partner under the EUSS (EU Settlement Scheme). There has been lots of coverage recently about this topic following a decision by the Court of Appeal in Celik vs Secretary of State for the Home Department […]

Legal advisor at Lisa’s Law qualifies as a Solicitor!

We are delighted to announce that legal advisor, Paul Cheuk, has been admitted to the Roll of Solicitors and has therefore qualified as a Solicitor. Paul has taken up the role of Litigation Solicitor at the firm with immediate effect.   Paul joined the firm in February 2022 as a Paralegal, following previous work experience […]

Online divorce companies to be investigated by the CMA – why should I use a family law solicitor instead?

If you are currently going, or ever have gone through a through a divorce, you will know it’s a very stressful time for all involved. From finding a lawyer, to negotiating between the two parties, arranging financial settlements, and even child custody issues, the divorce process can be a headache, and the costs can quickly […]

Visa holders entitled to Immigration Health Surcharge refund if working in health and care sector

  If you hold a visa, and you have worked at least 16 hours per week in the health and care sector for a period of 6 months, you are entitled to an Immigration Health Surcharge refund.   If you have any dependents, then you would be entitled to a refund of their IHS fees […]

OFSTED inspector unfairly dismissed after touching student – what lessons should employers learn from this case?

After an OFSTED inspector was dismissed for briefly touching a pupil’s head to wipe away some rain, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has ruled that the dismissal was unfair due to a lack of disciplinary guidance and/or training. Compensation for unfair dismissal will be awarded at a later date.   The case (Hewston v OFSTED) […]

Illegal Migration Act 2023 – what are the key changes?

The Illegal Migration Act is a major piece of legislation which forms a key centrepiece of the UK government’s policy platform. The purpose of this Act is to prevent and deter illegal migration; in particular those by unsafe and illegal routes.   The government have stated that their aims are to both stop illegal boat […]

Success in obtaining leave to remain despite having no status for 23 years and little evidence

  We have recently been successful in representing a client who has been living in the UK for more than 20 years in their application for leave to remain on human rights grounds. This is despite the fact that the client had very little evidence to support their application.   Keep reading to find out […]

Home Secretary found to have adopted unfair procedure after cancelling student’s leave to enter

By Yang Peng   On 28 July 2023, The Administrative Court allowed a Pakistani student’s claim for judicial review of a decision by the defendant Secretary of State for the Home Department (SSHD) to cancel his leave to enter as a student. The court decided that the claimant was denied the opportunity to comment on […]

Journalist who refused to use work app on personal phone wins unfair dismissal claim

An employment tribunal has ruled that an employee who refused to install a work app on her personal phone was unfairly dismissed. The installation of the app would have left the journalist unable to separate her work life and her home life, something she resisted against by refusing to have the app installed.   Depending […]

Should you make a foreign will if you have assets abroad?

Countries around the world have different inheritance and tax laws. As someone who is a domicile of England and Wales, you can make a foreign will with a lawyer which covers your overseas assets. However, in some cases it would be advisable to create a separate will to cover your assets in other countries.   […]

Harsher penalties proposed for landlords and businesses employing illegal workers!

  Presently, if you are a business employing an illegal worker (a person who does not have the status to reside in the UK), you can face a fine of up to £20,000 for each illegal worker.   If you are a landlord and have rented a property to a tenant without status, you could […]

Thinking about coming to the UK? These are the 4 most popular UK visa routes

By Yang Peng   You may have been thinking about coming to the UK, whether it is just to visit or to settle here. The UK immigration procedure can seem complicated for those who have never travelled here before. In this article we will look at the most common UK visa routes.   Option 1 […]

The SNP announces independence plan for Scottish citizenship

The Scottish government has published new proposals for how someone would be able to obtain Scottish citizenship in a independent Scotland. These proposals were published in a research paper entitled ‘Citizenship in an independent Scotland’.   The report’s release comes at a time when Scottish independence currently seems to be a remote possibility. The sudden […]

Property dispute causes couple to pay £280,000 over extension too close to neighbour’s house

When you renovate a property or plan to expand the area of ​​the property, there are usually two things to pay attention to: first, whether you need to apply for planning permission; second, how close the property extension is to the boundary. In many cases, the second problem may be more troublesome for homeowners, especially when […]

New flexible working act becomes law – can I request flexible working from day one of employment?

Flexible working is now the norm for many employers and employees alike. With Covid lockdowns forcing many employees to work remotely, businesses across the world adapted and innovated to adjust to the new working environment. The UK has been somewhat of a global leader in this area, with a recent study showing that the UK […]

What is the duty of my bank if I am a victim of fraud? Supreme Court provides clarity on Quincecare

The Supreme Court has recently made an important decision in the case of Philipp vs Barclays Bank, potentially spelling the end of the duty of care known as ‘Quincecare’.   Following this decision, victims of authorised push payment (APP) fraud can no longer rely on Quincecare duty, with the Supreme Court deciding that no such […]

Court dismisses appeal for deprivation of citizenship

By Yang Peng   In an important recent case, the Court of Appeal announced that the appellant A’s appeal in the case of Shyti v Secretary of State for the Home Department (SSHD) against the decision to deprive him of his British Nationality, was dismissed.   This article looks at the circumstances in which citizenship […]

Do you have a parent with EU citizenship? You might be eligible for a British passport!

Written by Lorraine Hon   A new law has given nationality rights to children born in the UK to EU citizens. Previously, the children of EU citizens who were working in the UK were not given British citizenship. However, this has changed with the recent implementation of a new law for those born before the […]

Surprise UK student visa announcement – students no longer able to switch to a work visa while studying!

We recently brought you news about the changes the Home Office are making to the UK Student Visa. Well, the Home Office have now surprised us all by implementing some of these changes with immediate effect!   Understandably, overseas students in the UK may be anxious about what this will mean for them, as well […]

UK Government announces huge increase in immigration fees

The UK government has announced a substantial increase in visa fees across a range of immigration and nationality routes, including the immigration health surcharge. The Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has framed this increase as necessary to fund a 6% rise in doctor’s wages.   Following a recommended pay rise for public sector workers of between […]

What is the threshold for ethical veganism as a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010?

The Equality Act 2010 affords protections against discrimination to a wide range of people based on a range of characteristics including: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation.   The word “belief” within the Equality Act is rather broad, leaving room for interpretation. […]

If a couple who own UK properties got married in a foreign country, is it better to divorce there or in the UK?

The UK is a country which is home to many immigrants from across the world. Like a lot of immigrants to the UK today, the individuals in this case decided to settle after coming here to study, meeting at work and eventually getting married. However, the situation is complicated by the fact that the couple […]

Another successful private life application after 13 years of no status in the UK

By Lorraine Hon   We are pleased to have been successful in another private life route case where our client came to the UK as a teenager after fleeing the Taliban in Afghanistan.   One of the private life route requirements is where the applicant is aged 18 or above but below 25 at the […]

Court of Appeal rules that Removal of Asylum Seekers to Rwanda is unlawful

  Today (29/06/2023), the Court of Appeal reversed the High Court decision in AAA v Secretary of State for the Home Department (SSHD) on 19th December 2023 where it was held that removal of asylum seekers to Rwanda was lawful.   In today’s ruling, the Court of Appeal confirmed that any removals of asylum seekers […]

Home Office re-commences deport now, appeal later certification

By Victor Falcon Mmegwa   Recently, the Home Secretary, Suella Braverman MP, confirmed in a letter to the Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee that the Home Office have suggested the use of certification under section 94B of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 from 5 June 2023. This means that any appeal […]

Confirmed – Proposed Bill of Rights abandoned by the UK Government

  In June 2022, the UK Government proposed a Bill of Rights which was intended to replace the Human Rights Act 1998. The Human Rights Act affords us all with fundamental rights and freedoms by enshrining the rights contained in the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).   The introduction of the Bill of Rights […]

High Court case could open floodgates to thousands of COVID business interruption claims

A recent High Court case could pave the way for thousands of  insurance claims by small to medium sized businesses in the UK. The fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to have an impact on businesses, with the latest high-profile case involving the ExCel conference centre in London and their insurers, Royal & Sun Alliance. […]

Successful application for UK visitor visa despite previous refusals

By Yang Peng   We recently managed to help a client gain a UK Visitor Visa, despite them receiving two previous UK refusals. Keep reading to learn more about why these refusals occurred, and how Lisa’s Law can help you with similar applications.   Introduction to the case   Our client instructed us to apply […]

Indefinite Leave to Remain (10 year lawful residence) application guide

  This article serves as a guide for an indefinite leave to remain application, otherwise known as 10 year lawful residence. Contact us today for help with your application.   What is indefinite leave to remain on the basis of 10 years lawful residence?   Indefinite leave to remain allows you to settle in the […]

Is it wrongful dismissal if the employer issues a P45 and the employee is absent from work after being asked to return?

By Krystal Yan   This is a recent case that we have defended in which the Claimant sought circa £140,000 for unlawful and wrongful dismissal against our client, the Respondent.   Background   The Claimant started working as a kitchen helper for the Respondent from August 2015. In December 2018, the Claimant’s job title was […]

High Court says unpublished Home Office policy on NHS debt is unlawful

By Yang Peng   Today’s article looks at a recent case involving an unpublished Home Office policy which caused individuals to be unlawfully detained over NHS debts.   Keep reading to learn why the High Court decided the policy was unlawful and our thoughts on the case.   Background   MXK and SXB are two […]

Another successful visitor visa application from Fujian province in China

  Following on from our article in April where we discussed whether the Home Office have recently become more open to visitor visa applications made from Fujian province in China, we have been successful in another case from the region.   You can read the previous article here.   Our clients were Chinese nationals living […]

Will applicants with a skilled worker visa need to wait 8 years for settlement?

  A skilled worker visa allows a person to come to the UK and work for an employer. The visa also allows a skilled worker to bring their dependents to the UK with them.   A skilled worker visa can be issued for up to 5 years. After 5 years of holding a skilled worker […]

No fault evictions to be banned – what will be the effect on tenants and landlords?

The Renters’ (Reform) Bill 2023 was introduced to parliament last year, promising comprehensive reform of the private rented sector. It will provide welcome news for renters in particular and will see England completely ban no fault evictions as part of a long-awaited package of reform of the private rental industry. The scheme will affect approximately […]

20 Years Long Residence – what are the visa requirements?

    This guide will briefly explain the general requirements that must be met to apply for leave to remain based on 20 years residence. All requirements must be strictly met, otherwise the application will be refused.   Firstly, what is the 20 years long residence route?   The 20 years long residence route allows […]

Account Freezing Order involving seven figure sum successfully challenged and cleared by Lisa’s Law

By Yitong Guo   In the past 6 months, the Litigation team at Lisa’s Law successfully assisted an individual client to challenge two Account Freezing Orders (AFOs) against their personal accounts and have the full seven figure sum released.   Keep reading to learn about the case and how we got the desired outcome for […]

Most postgraduates on student visas to be banned from bringing dependents to the UK

  Undergraduate students are not permitted to bring their partner and children to the UK when they come to the UK to study. However, until now, all postgraduate students have had the potential to do so.   That was the case until this week, when the Home Office announced new restrictions to the student visa […]

Overseas students barred from switching from student visa to work visa until education is completed

  In 2022 there were over 485,000 student visas granted according to the Government website. This represents a 29% increase compared with visas granted in 2021.   Many who come to the United Kingdom on a student visa complete their studies and apply for employment in the United Kingdom with their newly earned qualifications. This […]

Late-night sausage rolls on the menu as Greggs and Westminster Council reach license agreement

There are many who, after a night out on the town, may find it difficult to resist the siren’s call of the nearest fast-food establishment. However, licensing rules in England and Wales often prevent certain hospitality businesses from opening late at night. Such a situation recently arose in a dispute between the high-street bakery chain, […]

Can I still apply for settlement if I exceeded the absence limit due to Covid?

  We were recently approached by a client who entered the UK in 2012. Since entering, he applied for a number of visas and accumulated 10 years lawful residence in the UK. Our client applied for Indefinite Leave to Remain / Settlement himself on the basis that he had been in the UK for 10 […]

Retained right of residence for family members of EU citizens

By Victor Falcon Mmegwa   Can family members of EU citizens acquire independent rights of admission or residence in the UK where they have lost their family connection to the EU citizen they are related to?   Qualifying family members can continue living in the UK lawfully without their EU citizen sponsor. But a person […]

Tesco found to have copied the Lidl logo in trademark lawsuit. Why did the High Court come to this decision?

In a recent case, the High Court has ruled that Tesco’s use of its Clubcard logo constituted trademark infringement, copyright infringement and passing off. Tesco filed a counterclaim in response in which they alleged some of the Lidl trademarks were registered in bad faith and are therefore liable to be declared invalid.   You may […]

Making a Will – what are some of the most common questions about this topic?

The importance of Wills cannot be understated, however sometimes they can be an area which open up some difficult conversations with families and loved ones. For the fifth and penultimate article in our series of FAQs about Family Law, we will take a look at the importance of Wills, particularly making a will, or will […]

Is the Home Office now more open to UK visitor visas from China’s Fujian province?

  For some time, it has been no secret that the Home Office have tended to refuse visitor visa applications from applicants who are from Fujian Province in China.   The commonly understood reason for this is that it is due to the large number of overstayers in the UK from the Fujian province. The […]

Child arrangement – frequently asked questions

Fourth in our series of frequently asked questions about family law is the subject of child arrangement. These are usually only relevant in the matter of a divorce or separation.   You can read the previous articles in our series of Family Law frequently asked questions here.   What is a Child Arrangements Order?   […]

New Innovator Founder Route opens – how do I apply?  

  The new Innovator Founder route came into force on 13th April 2023. It replaces the previous innovator route and start-up route.   The route is for those that wish to set up and run an innovative business in the United Kingdom. The business must be new, and an original business idea that is different […]

Abuse of YouTube copyright policies leads to permanent injunction against defendant

By Fiona Huang   For those who conduct business by using Amazon, eBay, YouTube or other platforms, you may have encountered intellectual property (IP) infringement by your competitors. One of the most effective ways to protect your IP rights is to report the infringement to the platform provider. The provider should always respond swiftly and […]

Can you achieve UK settlement without speaking English or passing the life in the UK test?

  To apply for settlement / indefinite leave to remain in the UK, there are a number of requirements that an applicant needs to satisfy. One requirement is knowledge of language and life in the UK.   Under the Home Office Discretionary Leave Guidance, it states that those who have been granted discretionary leave and […]

Is it possible to disinherit your spouse? Widow awarded 50% of estate in recent court case

By Angeline Teoh   A Will is a legal document that ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes after your death. However, if your Will is not handled properly, it may result in your spouse or close family members bringing a claim under the Inheritance Act (Provision for Family and Dependants) 1975 to […]

UK Ancestry visa – do you qualify for the UK’s ‘easiest’ immigration route?

The UK Ancestry visa is one of the most popular routes to residency in the UK. As its name suggests, acquiring the UK Ancestry visa requires you to have ancestry from the UK. More specifically, you must have a grandparent who was born in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.   […]

Nuptial agreements – frequently asked questions

Third in our series looking at frequently asked Family Law questions is nuptial agreements, both prenuptial (prenup) and the less-common postnuptial agreement (postnup). Nuptial agreements continue to gain in popularity having only been considered legally enforceable in England and Wales since the 2010 test case of Radmacher v Granatino.   But what are some of […]

Discretionary leave to remain – Home Office grants leave for trafficking survivors with a pending asylum claim

By Zhuoqi Li   The Home Office has updated its caseworker guidance on Discretionary Leave to Remain. The new version of the guidance has provisions that allow acknowledged victims of trafficking to be granted leave if they have an ongoing asylum claim related to their trafficking.   Discretionary leave to remain relates to permission to […]

Divorce Financial Settlement – Frequently Asked Questions

This article is the second in a series of family law blogs focusing on questions our family law team are frequently asked. Today, we will focus on divorce financial settlement. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to divorce financial settlement.   Do I need to […]

Asylum backlog at record levels – is now the time to make discretionary leave applications to the Home Office?

  The number of asylum seekers waiting for a decision on their case has soared to record levels over the years with almost 75,000 claims in 2022 alone. The asylum backlog of claims has grown substantively by almost 10 times since December 2010. Clearly, dealing with the huge backlog is a priority for the Home […]

Divorce – what are some of the questions we are frequently asked?

This article will be part of a series of Family Law blogs focusing on questions our Family law team are frequently asked. Today, we will focus on divorce procedure itself, and some of the common issues facing those seeking to apply for divorce.   Keep reading to learn more about divorce procedure.   Can I […]

Expansion Worker Visa granted to Australian wine company within 24 hours

By Lily Dai   We recently dealt with a private limited company which was incorporated in Australia and specialises in brewing and producing bacteria–free red wine. In 2018, our client manufactured its first batch of wine. The wine achieved many sales and had a lot of success when it first launched locally in Australia. As […]

Illegal entrants to be prevented from claiming asylum under Illegal Migration Bill announced by Home Office

On 7th March, the Home Secretary announced her plan to stop illegal migration to the UK by preventing those who enter the United Kingdom from claiming asylum. The Illegal Migration Bill proposes that all that enter the UK ‘illegally’ (often by crossing the Channel in a small boat) will be detained and then removed to […]