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    My Father in law has just passed away, he has a will in place from 2011 and my Mother in law has just received a legal letter from his ex wfe, based in the US who has a letter signed by him and witnessed from the 1970’s saying she would be entitled to half his estate when he passes. Clearly since then he remarried, had two children and has put in a will that is clear on who the beneficiaries would be which does not include his ex wife. Does she have any grounds for a claim?


    Thank you for your message. We apologise that we did not answer your enquiry sooner. Your understanding is quite right. Your father-in-law’s remarriage will make his will in 1970’s automatically revoked. The only potential ground his ex-wife might want to make a claim on will be that his current will failed to make reasonable provision for her. However, as they were divorced quite some time ago, it does not appear that any of such claim will be strong. His ex-wife probably did not know that he was -remarried and had made a new will, which could be the reason she was writing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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