How can I prepare for my video hearing during lockdown?

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    Firstly, make sure you are in a quiet environment where you will not be disturbed. Tell people you live with that you need an area to yourself for the duration of the hearing.


    If you have children it could be a good idea to have a trusted family member or close friend watch them for the duration of the hearing.


    If you are taking part in a hearing with a legal representative, agree in advance how you will communicate confidentially during the hearing.


    If you need to have someone with you who is not a legal representative, you must ask the court’s permission.


    Video hearing:


    If your hearing is conducted via video, with a laptop set your screen at 90 degrees to the keyboard so your face can be seen properly. Also, make sure your face is not in the shadow and you can be clearly seen and identified. Try to make the background as blank as possible, for example sitting in front of a plain wall in your house is ideal.


    Rules of the courtroom still stand:


    Everyone must follow the same rules as in a courtroom. This means:


    • only drink water
    • no eating
    • no smoking or e-cigarettes
    • follow the court or tribunal’s instructions


    Also, it is a criminal offence to record or publish any court hearing without authorisation.


    So be certain nobody is recording with or without your permission. It is better to be in a room which is secure. Where possible, sit so that your screen is not visible to anyone else.


    For more information, call 020 7928 0276 or email .

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