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    You can use a patent to protect your invention. It gives you the right to take legal action against anyone who makes, uses, sells or imports it without your permission.


    To be granted a patent, your invention must be all of the following:


    • something that can be made or used
    • new
    • inventive – not just a simple modification to something that already exists


    You cannot patent certain types of invention, including:


    • literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works
    • a way of doing business, playing a game or thinking
    • a method of medical treatment or diagnosis
    • a discovery, scientific theory or mathematical method
    • the way information is presented
    • some computer programs or mobile apps
    • ‘essentially biological’ processes like crossing-breeding plants, and plant or animal varieties


    It can be challenging to patent your invention, but we are the firm to turn to for help. Call us on 020 7928 0276 or email for expert advice.


    You can save costs by writing the entire thing yourself, then have a patent lawyer review it. Have them write the claims though they know What they’re doing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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