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    Valuation Report – this is normally done by the lender as part of the mortgage application. This will only tell you the market value of the property, not pointing out repairs or structural problems.


    New build survey – this is an inspection which a new build buyer could consider. The best time to engage is when you are attending the new home demonstration arranged by the developer before the handover. The surveyor will look for any issues in the property.


    Condition Report – this is a basic inspection. It will tell you condition of the property and highlight the urgent defects. Suitable for fairly new property in good condition. No valuation.


    Homebuyer Report – this is a more detailed inspection compare to the Condition Report. It includes structural problems, if any, such as subsidence or damp. It doesn’t look beyond the floorboards or behind the walls. Suitable for properties in reasonable condition. No valuation.


    Building Survey Report – this provides an in-depth inspection and analysis. It will analysis the condition of the property using rating system. It identifies the most serious issues and also advices on repairs and maintenance options. Suitable for older properties. No valuation.


    Full Structural Report – this is the most comprehensive report. It includes opinion on the potential hidden defects. It also provides information on immediate repair and potential repair options. Suitable for older properties that shows sign of obvious disrepair.


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