The ultimate objective of litigation is to find a resolution. It is never to encourage litigiousness. At Lisa’s Law, our specialist litigation team fully understand your concerns and will always have your best interest at the front of our minds.

We will always endeavour to settle your disputes in a most efficient and cost-effective way, whether it is through informal negotiation or formal ADRs. If your dispute has to be resolved via litigation, we are capable to present through all stages of the proceedings, from issuing or defending claims to final trials and judgement enforcement.

At Lisa’s Law, there is tonnes of diversity and various specialisms in our ranks. Our dedicated team will fight your corner and will not rest until you get the result you deserve. Your caseworker will be efficient, highly communicative, and thorough from the initial discussion of your instruction right the way through to the completion of the matter.

Find our Litigation brochure here.

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