Following on from our article in April where we discussed whether the Home Office have recently become more open to visitor visa applications made from Fujian province in China, we have been successful in another case from the region.


You can read the previous article here.


Our clients were Chinese nationals living in Fujian who wished to visit their son and grandchildren in the UK who they had not seen for several years. The husband worked as a freelance carpenter who was now retired and his wife did not work.


Our clients had savings which they received due to the demolition of their house. However, they were unable to provide evidence of where they received this money from. They were unable to write their travel plans once in the UK and needed assistance with this.


Previously, these applications were typically refused by the Home Office. The Home Office generally believed all those that apply would overstay in the UK once they are here and had no intention to comply with their visa.


How did we ensure a successful application?


Our application was successful due to us showing the following:


1. We showed that our clients were genuine visitors. Although not typical practice, we drafted the clients travel plan in English and submitted this to the Home Office.


2. The evidence proving the relationship between our clients and son.


3. We showed that our clients were receiving a pension in China and that they owned a house, and therefore giving them every reason to return to China. We provided a house certificate from the local council to evidence this.


4. We showed that our clients’ son could accommodate and financially support our clients for the full duration of the trip. We did this by provided bank statements and payslips.


5. Evidence of ties in China. We obtained a fully translated copy of their Hukou document.


The application took just three weeks to process after being submitted, and we are pleased that our clients will now be spending the UK summer months with their son and his family.


For further details on visit visas please see our useful guide which can be found here.


Should you wish to bring your family to the UK for a visit or wish to visit the UK for business purposes then please do not hesitate to contact us! We would be delighted to help you.



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