Britain’s hot strike summer heats up as legal sector industrial action gathers steam

The British summer of 2022 may well go down as the summer of strikes. Workers across a wide range of sectors, including railway workers, bus workers, post office workers, airport workers, and barristers have all been on strike so far this summer, largely over disputes involving pay and conditions as inflation continues to increase and […]

Police registration enters the history books for foreign nationals

For those of you are foreign nationals, when you first arrive in the UK you will probably be familiar with the need to “register with the police station” after obtaining a new visa. Even if a foreign national’s personal circumstances change, they have also previously needed to report to the registered police station.   However, […]

Is Covid a viable defence by commercial tenants for rent arrears? No, says the Court of Appeal!

The Court of Appeal has recently found that a tenant cannot use Covid as a defence for rent arrears. The case acts as an important case study for rent arrears accrued during the pandemic as well as dispute resolution between commercial landlords and tenants.   The cases in question were as follows, Bank of New […]

Successful appeal on behalf of elderly Chinese national after Home Office’s unsympathetic refusal of leave to remain

  We have recently been successful in an appeal which has led to our client, aged 84, obtaining leave to remain on the basis of her family and private life.   Our client made an application based on exceptional circumstances outside of the immigration rules.   Background   Our client is an 84 year old […]

What does it mean for a payment to be ‘subject to completion’? Judge rules in favour of law firm after client refused to pay legal fees!

Written by Paul Cheuk    The High Court of Justice has recently handed down an instructional judgment (Blacklion Law LLP v Amira Nature Foods Ltd [2022] EWHC 1500 (Ch)) in a lawsuit between a law firm and its client. The case involved a small London-based law firm suing a multinational rice distributor and its owner-director […]

Investigation launched into ASOS, Boohoo and Asda over ‘greenwashing’ claims

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has launched an investigation into three fashion brands over their ‘green’ claims. The three fashion brands being investigated by the CMA include the supermarket Asda, as well as the online fashion brands, ASOS and Boohoo.   The CMA will look at the extent to which green claims made by […]

Court rules that social worker’s assessment that teenage asylum seeker is an adult was false

  A person who has entered the United Kingdom to claim asylum is treated differently depending on whether they are an adult or a minor. A minor’s claim is treated more delicately by the Home Office with respect to the asylum process, decision making, and support provided by a Local Authority.   Below, we look […]

Supreme Court says part-year workers entitled to proportionally same holiday pay as full-time workers

A new ruling (Harpur Trust v Brazel) by the Supreme Court has favoured part-year workers and casual workers, opening the door to thousands of claims for compensation. The ruling says that these workers are entitled proportionally to the same holiday pay as full-time workers. It also found that the methods of calculating pro-rated annual leave […]

Company administrators cleared of breach of duty despite deficiency during sale of properties

By Yitong Guo     Today’s article comes from one of our solicitors, Yitong Guo, who specialises in property law. The article is about a dismissal application in the Chancery Division of the High Court concerning allegations of breach of duty by company administrators in relation to two companies (“the Companies”) whose business involved the […]

Home Office announces British citizenship application fee waiver for minors who can’t afford it following legal battle

By Xinru Jia   A person officially becomes a British Citizen when they apply to the Home Office and are able to show they are entitled to British Citizenship. This is achieved by providing evidence that they fulfil certain sections of the British Nationality Act 1981.   Most applications to the Home Office have a […]

Sir Mo Farah’s revelation sheds a light on the dark world of human trafficking

It was one of the major talking points of the week. The British icon and most successful track distance runner of all time, Sir Mo Farah, revealed this week that the story he had told the world was, in fact, not true.   Mo Farah (as he is now known), was born as Hussein Abdi […]

Is breakfast cereal junk food? Yes, according to the High Court!

Is breakfast cereal junk food? That’s what the High Court decided recently when the cereal manufacturer, Kellogg’s, failed in its legal challenge against the government’s new food strategy.   The proposed regulations by the Department for Health and Social Care would mean that foods which are high in fat, salt and sugar would be banned […]

Man wins right to have a surrogacy baby using embryo created with his late wife

In today’s family law article, we will look at an unusual case which made headlines across the internet. It presents a complex moral issue for the parties but one which offers hope and optimism for the claimant involved as well as the few who similar situations in the future.   The landmark ruling gives widower, […]

A fast track to digital surveillance? European Consumer Organisation takes action against Google

You probably have a Google account, and probably also assume that everything you do on Google’s services is tracked, but do you realise the extent to which Google actively pushes you towards ensuring that you don’t avoid its surveillance practises? The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) has directly sought to tackle this issue by announcing that […]

Welcome Amber!

We are delighted to welcome our newest colleague, Amber Zhao. Amber will be joining us as a paralegal and has already displayed great legal knowledge and a brilliant work ethic since she’s been here.   Amber has an extensive academic background, having studied at Central South University(LLB), King’s College London(LLM) and The University of Law […]

Prenuptial Agreement vs Postnuptial Agreement, which is better?

Today we will take a look at a subject which comes under Family Law, one of our main practise areas. This topic is one which affects many married couples – postnuptial agreements and prenuptial agreements.   You might be wondering, what exactly is the difference between a postnuptial agreement and a prenuptial agreement? Aside from […]

Man who resided in UK for 22 years under false identities found to have had human rights infringed

  In today’s article, we look at a recent case, R (on the application of AM) v Secretary of State for the Home Department. This case concerns a person that had been living in the UK for over 22 years but had continuously provided false identities as well as convictions in the UK.   A […]

British Bill of Rights – a clampdown on human rights or restoring ‘common sense’?

  The Secretary of State for Justice, Dominic Raab, has introduced a new ‘British Bill of Rights’ to Parliament. The government claim that the legislation will “end the abuse of the human rights framework and restore some common sense” to the UK’s justice system by rebalancing the relationship between the legislature and the courts.   […]

Akinsanya v Secretary of State for the Home Department – What does the Home Secretary’s response mean for Zambrano applicants?

  A person is considered a ‘Zambrano carer’, should they be a non-EEA national primary carer of a British citizen who would be unable to reside in the UK, if that primary carer were required to leave. Zambrano carers have been recognised as having a right to reside in the UK under EU law following […]

Plans to shake up private rented sector announced

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities has announced a spate of planned reforms to private renting in its new White Paper, dubbed ‘a fairer private rented sector’. It claims that this will offer a “fairer deal” for the 13 million renters in the United Kingdom, as well as ‘fundamentally reforming the private rented […]

Will the Rwanda policy overcome its initial legal barriers?

  You may have seen our most recent article, where we looked in detail at the responses by both the Human Rights Watch and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to the UK Government’s Rwanda scheme. However, the following article will analyse the latest events, where the Government’s attempt to deport asylum seekers on its […]

Potential future challenges on expulsion of asylum seekers to Rwanda?

  The UK government signed the Asylum Partnership Arrangement with the Rwanda government on the 14th of April 2022.   As part of the plan, the government is intending to relocate some asylum seekers to Rwanda on a one-way ticket.  The relocation plan will target young single migrants who have arrived in the UK since […]

Woman receives jail sentence for fraudulent £4m NHS claim

The NHS has been a highly respected public institution since its founding in 1948, symbolising the post-war consensus of the UK’s welfare state.. Such is the sanctity and esteem in which it is held in by the British population, that it has been described by some as the country’s new “national religion”.   Indeed, former […]

Can Article 3 of the EHRC protect a HIV positive criminal from being deported? No, says the Upper Tribunal!

Written by Katherine Chan   A new ruling by the Upper Tribunal sheds light on how the courts balance the interest of public justice and the human right requirement.   Following the case of AM (Art 3; health cases) Zimbabwe [2022] UKUT 00131 (IAC), the law is not altered but it does reflect the approach […]

Is it sex-related harassment to call a man ‘bald’ at work?

Baldness is a fact of life for many men. While in some cultures it has been seen as a sign of wisdom, for many in the UK today it is a sensitive issue which sees thousands of men seek treatment for hair loss in an effort to retain a perceived sense of youth, virility, and […]

Samsung found liable for hosting apps which mimicked luxury Swatch brands

The South Korean technology giant, Samsung, ranked by Forbes in 2020 as the 8th largest company in the world, has found itself on the receiving end of a decision by the UK’s High Court which determined the technology company to be held liable for trademark infringement.   In principle, this came down to the fact […]

Lisa’s Law client granted Spouse Visa despite making an application within the UK

  We are pleased to have been successful in an appeal which has led to our client obtaining leave to remain on the basis that he has a partner settled in the UK. This is despite our client making an application within the UK and therefore not satisfying the eligibility requirement of making an application […]

Trainee solicitor begins training contract with Lisa’s Law!

At Lisa’s Law, we love to celebrate the milestones and achievements of our staff – so it gives us great pleasure to announce that our colleague, Jeffrey Lam, has begun undergoing a training contract he was offered by Lisa’s Law.   Jeffrey originally joined the company at the back end of last year on 29th […]

Celebrating 10th anniversary of Lisa’s Law!

Lisa’s Law is celebrating its 10th anniversary as a company. To celebrate the landmark, we are rewarding our loyal customers by organising a competition where you can win a voucher worth up to £250!   The best part is, all you need to do is like the post and leave a comment to have a […]

Continual Residence: when is it broken? How are days calculated?

Written by Xijia Xie   Imagine this: you are on your tenth year in the UK, thinking you will soon be eligible for settlement based on your long lawful residence. Your personal plans are lining up, but it all depends on the arrival of that one plastic card. However, right before your submission, you come […]

Lisa’s Law wins Indefinite Leave to Remain appeal for Hong Kong client who spent over 2 years abroad

  Lisa’s Law’s immigration supervisor, Mahfuz Ahmed, has recently been successful in an appeal of significant importance to our client. The case shows that a well-prepared appeal can lead to a fantastic result, despite our client not meeting the stringent criteria set out by the Home Office for indefinite leave to remain applications.   Background […]

Amazon held liable for IP infringement by Court of Appeal! What are the consequences?

The online retail behemoth, Amazon, has been found by the UK Court of Appeal to have made a trademark infringement in a recent legal battle with Lifestyle Equities CV, a Netherlands-registered company.   The case, Lifestyle Equities CV and another v Amazon UK Services Ltd and others [2022] EWCA Civ 552, reinforces the fact that […]

As the UK government prepares to transfer the first group of migrants to Rwanda, what does the plan mean for UK immigration law?

Written by Stephanie Chiu   With the news that the Home Office is planning to send migrants to Rwanda imminently, the following article takes a look at the Rwanda Asylum plan and gives our legal perspective on the policy. The UK government signed the Asylum Partnership Arrangement with Rwanda on the 14th April 2022.   […]

Lisa’s Law paralegal qualifies as a licensed conveyancer

We are delighted to announce that paralegal, Michael Hsiesh, who has been with Lisa’s Law since May 2018, has completed his qualifications and is now qualified as a licensed conveyancer by the Council for Licensed Conveyancing. Michael’s new title is Licensed Conveyancer Immigration Paralegal.   In addition to his conveyancing responsibilities, Michael also handles a […]

Nationality and Borders Act 2022: Fixing a Broken Asylum System by Breaking It Further?

The Nationality and Borders Act, described as being the “cornerstone for the government’s new plan for Immigration” and fixing the “broken asylum system”, has received Royal Assent and become law.   For some time, the UK has faced increasing numbers of migrants travelling to the UK across the English Channel from France. Those on the […]

Nearly 5 years after the Grenfell Tragedy, does the Building Safety Act do enough to make residential property safer?

The Building Safety Bill has officially received Royal Assent and become law. The legislation has been a long time in the making, with the national outrage which followed the Grenfell Tower tragedy in June 2017 leading to the resurgence of a national debate about the safety of properties in the UK.   Of particular concern […]

When a relative dies, how should the estate be handled legally in the form of probate?

Losing someone close to you is never easy. If a deceased loved one listed you as an executor, you may also need to be strong enough to manage their property, money, and other possessions. However, UK law requires you to apply for a probate in accordance with the rules of law in order to make this […]

Ground Rent charges set to be scrapped for new leaseholders. What does this mean?

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities has announced that the Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act 2022 will come into force on 30th June 2022. The news comes following an initial 2018 consultation by the government, meaning that the arrival of this legislation has been in progress for a long time. The government have […]

The end of fake reviews? New rules claim to protect consumers and boost competition

The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has announced new rules which it claims will protect consumers and boost competition. This follows the “reforming competition and consumer policy” consultation which was launched by the government last year. The Government-sponsored Consumer Protection Study 2022 found that between April 2020 and April 2021, the equivalent to […]

Past association with extremists results in naturalisation claim being refused by Home Secretary

    A person can apply for naturalisation and become a British citizen if they satisfy all the requirements. Some of these requirements include suitability requirements, eligibility requirements and passing the Life in the UK test.   Schedule 1, paragraph 1(2)(a) of the British Nationality Act 1981 states that any applicant must be in the […]

UK Expansion Worker Visa – what do you need to know?

Have questions or looking for help applying for a UK Expansion Worker Visa? Contact us today by emailing or calling us on 020 7928 0276.   But first, read our article below to learn all about the new UK Expansion Worker visa which replaces the Sole Representative route for overseas companies seeking to expand […]

Afghan boy entitled to damages after being unlawfully removed by the Home Office

Written by Mahfuz Ahmed     The Court of Appeal have recently handed down a judgement determining that a vulnerable 16 year old Afghan boy should be awarded damages for the infringement of his Article 8 rights under the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).   Article 8 of the ECHR states:   1.  Everyone […]

Former Scottish footballer’s IR35 tax battle offers warning for off-payroll working arrangements

  Former Rangers and Scotland icon, Neil McCann, has lost a battle with the tax man over his work for Sky Sports. The ex-footballer is reported to owe HMRC £190,000 as a result of being regarded for income tax purposes as an employee.   Meanwhile, another recent high-profile case saw the tv and radio presenter, […]

Home Office broke the law by searching, seizing and retaining data from phones of migrants

Written by Mahfuz Ahmed     The Divisional Court has handed down a judgement determining the Home Office’s policy of searching, seizing and retaining data from the mobile phones of migrants arriving to the UK by boat as unlawful.   The court’s ruling occurs at a time when the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, is trying […]

Employer guidance for respiratory infections such as Covid-19

The UK Health Security Agency has published new guidance for employers around reducing the effect of respiratory infections in the workplace, including Covid-19. In terms of business law, this is certainly something to take into account for employers.   Although all Covid-19 restrictions have now been lifted by the Government, the guidance asks employers, workforce […]

What is No Fault Divorce? Learn more about the reforms that have modernised UK divorce law

  The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 (commonly known as no fault divorce) represents the biggest reform to divorce law for 50 years. With the legislation now in effect since 6th April 2022, let’s take a look at the main changes to divorce law and why there has been so much discussion about the […]

Court orders child to be returned to Italy after judicial review of mother’s asylum application deemed inadmissible

Written by Mahfuz Ahmed A recent case (R v G 2022) involving an Italian family which saw the father make an application under the Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction 1980 for the return of his child has highlighted the complexity around the relationship between family law and asylum law.   The […]

As the 2022/2023 tax year edges closer, how will the upcoming changes to employment law affect you?

As the 2021/2022 tax year comes to an end, there are a number of upcoming changes to employment law in April which will be of interest to people and businesses alike.   With so many announcements made last year which are now coming into effect, it’s not always easy to keep up with all of […]

Does the new UK Expansion Worker Visa represent a step backwards for businesses looking to expand in the UK?

  The Home Office’s new statement of changes, Immigration Rules HC 1118, appears to represent one of the biggest shake-ups to the system since Britain formally left the EU and introduced the new points-based immigration scheme on 1st January 2021.   As well as the High Potential Individual and new Scale-Up route, which we addressed […]

Family loses right to appeal after deported father killed by Taliban

Written by Mahfuz Ahmed In a case involving a man killed by the Taliban after being deported to Afghanistan, the Upper Tribunal has ruled that an immigration appeal is over once the appellant dies.   You could be forgiven for not being aware of the circumstances around the right to appeal and whether the right […]

Rishi Sunak’s Spring Statement – what are the key points?

Rishi Sunak found himself in the spotlight today as he delivered his Spring Statement to a country that is currently dealing with a significant rise in the cost of living. It is unsurprising that many people up and down the country have been curious as to what the plan might be for the near future, […]

UK’s Plan for Growth scheme introduces ‘High Potential Individual’ visa route among other immigration avenues. What are the key points you need to know?

It can be challenging to keep up with the latest changes to the Immigration Rules especially as they have been updated a few times in recent memory, so one can be forgiven for feeling a bit left behind. However, as usual your friends at Lisa’s Law are here to help.   Think you might be […]

Naturalisation – consideration of good character requirement.

Written by Mahfuz Ahmed.     A person can apply for naturalisation and become a British Citizen if they satisfy all of the requirements. Some of those requirements include suitability requirements, eligibility requirements and passing the Life in the UK test.   Under the British Nationality Act 1981, it is mandatory that all applicant must […]

Welcome Serena!

We are very happy to announce Serena Liu as our newest team member. Serena has already displayed excellent legal knowledge and shown herself to be a hardworking team player.   Serena Liu is a graduate from LLM in general English law, the University of York. She received a distinction in her academic studies there. Prior […]

Home Office falls short in human rights case through failure to disclose important information.

As a law firm dealing with plenty of immigration cases, we have seen many sides to the Home Office. As reasonable and experienced legal professionals, we understand that some matters are complex and hurdles can become apparent at any time in the course of a case. However, there are times when Home Office mistakes can […]

Ukraine Family Scheme now open in the UK! Who is eligible and how does it work?

The situation in Ukraine continues to escalate, and the Russian troops are moving ever further into the country, bringing with them a feeling of terror and uncertainty. The Home Office sees this, and has now opened a new route for Ukrainian’s with family members living in the UK.   The route allows eligible Ukrainian nationals […]

Visa waiting times updated for both in-country and out of country applications. What are the key points you need to know?

Visa waiting times, as many applicants will know, can fluctuate. While some people will have positive experiences, many will find themselves waiting much longer than they had anticipated for a decision to be reached on their application.   This blog will delve into the latest guidelines from the Home Office on what people should expect […]

Concessions made to the Immigration Rules for Ukrainian nationals in wake of Russian invasion

It will not have escaped your attention that Putin has launched an invasion into Ukraine, igniting major concerns across the globe and potentially lighting the initial spark which could lead to war in Europe, some fear.   Ukraine will be looking for aid from its allies, including the UK. Part of the UK’s support to […]

Woman seeking to separate from her husband finds that he secretly divorced her decade ago! What legal lessons are on show in a surprising recent case?

We all know that some marriages are less successful than others. This is a normal part of life and divorce has become increasingly common in recent years, with less stigma being attached to it than ever before. It is far better to accept that a marriage does not work than to suffer in silence, with […]

Tier 1 Investor Visa Route Closed Due to Security Concerns! What does this mean for people already in the UK under this route?

The Home Office has taken drastic action by closing the Tier 1 Investor Visa Route to all nationalities after claiming it left the UK open to security breaches and corruption. This route has come under investigation in the past but was not expected to be closed so suddenly.   The route was appealing to wealthy […]

True father revealed at last! What did the courts decide in a recent parentage case and what does the result mean for the family?

It goes without saying that your family is a massively important part of your life. If you are fortunate, they are the people that will be by your side through the good times and the bad. The people in your family can play a major role in your personal development and may influence your personality, […]

Secretary of State ‘confused’ by Zambrano Carer status! A recent case may raise more questions than it answers.

Immigration rules in the UK can often be challenging to understand. As a law firm we are constantly being asked questions regarding rules and regulations and while we are always happy to answer questions, it is an indication that further clarity is needed to that people know where they stand in terms of their status […]

Offshore Well-Boat Workers wanted by the UK! What does the new concession introduce?

The UK has a habit of changing certain rules in order to fit their own needs, often bringing in new temporary concessions in order to fill roles that are required at specific points in time. You may remember recently this occurred when Heavy Goods Vehicle drivers were given leave to enter the UK to help […]

Home Office to still charge high fees to children applying for British citizenship

Written by Mahfuz Ahmed.     Children applying to be registered as British citizens under the British Nationality Act 1981, need to pay the Home Office a fee of £1012.00 for the registration.   The British Nationality Act 1981 permits the Secretary of State to charge a fee for registering a British citizen. The fee […]

Buying an ‘off-plan’ property can be a slippery slope! What can we learn from a recent case in which multiple people lost large deposits?

The reality of purchasing property is plenty of hard-work, time, energy and money. There is a lot at stake, and many hurdles to overcome. There are various avenues that can lead one to being a homeowner, and some people choose alternative routes to others. One such alternative route is to buy a property ‘off-plan’. Like […]

Applicant is granted asylum due to becoming ‘westernised’ in the UK

Written by Mahfuz Ahmed.     Asylum seekers can come to the United Kingdom, and their cultural, traditional and religious ideals and principles may have changed after spending a duration of time in the UK or in Europe.   Those asylum seekers may believe that they have been ‘westernised’ and therefore this may cause danger […]

Government Authorised Exchange route (‘GAE route’) – What is it and how does it work?

There are many routes into the UK and these routes can allow applicants to remain in the country for various amounts of time. Where the applicant only plans to stay in the UK temporarily, they usually have to go through slightly different processes to those who are looking for a more permanent settlement.   The […]

Solicitors on the Lenders Panel: What does it mean, why is it important and whose panels are we on?

We have said it before, and we will likely say it again: purchasing a property is one of the most financially demanding ventures that you can undertake. However, it does not only require money and time but also trust, and that trust must flow in all directions within the proceedings in order to make the […]

Rent Repayment Order not applicable to directors of corporate landlords! What can we learn from a recent case?

There are various reasons that a tenant or a group of tenants may want to pursue a rent repayment order (RRO). One of the more common complaints leading to an RRO is where a landlord is renting out an unlicensed House in Multiple Occupation (HMO), but claims can also be made for the following offences: […]

Right to work checks to see changes from 6 April 2022!

This is one that all employers should be aware of if they do not want to incur a heavy fine for hiring an unauthorized migrant. Right to work checks should apply to all candidates, even British citizens to avoid claims of discrimination, and while they are not mandatory they are extremely useful and can save […]

Does overstaying break the period of lawful residence? An insight from a recent case can tell.

Written by Katherine Chan.     The recent case of R (on the application of Afzal) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2021] All ER (D) 82 (Dec) sheds light on the contentious issue of continuous lawful residence under paragraph 276 of the Immigration Rules. The Court held in this case that although […]

More options on offer for Afghan nationals in the UK as situation in their country remains volatile. What can we learn from the new Home Office guidance?

You have likely seen on the news that the political and economic situation in Afghanistan remain in dire circumstances, with the Taliban in full control of the nation. There are reports of many people going without food, shelters being overly full and many businesses being unable to operate properly.   To show support to Afghanistan […]

Naturalisation – flexibility in the 5 year residence requirement

Written by Mahfuz Ahmed.     A person can apply for naturalisation and become a British Citizen if they satisfy all of the requirements. Some of those requirements include suitability requirements, eligibility requirements and passing the Life in the UK test.   Schedule 1, paragraph 1(2)(a) of the British Nationality Act 1981 states that any […]

Post-Brexit Britain starts embracing skilled workers: sponsorship applications triple and near-zero action has been taken against sponsors

Sometimes the best way to figure out what is going on in the world of UK immigration is to take a look at the numbers related to it. We have analysed the data related to the sponsoring of applicants on the Tier 2, 4 and 5 routes. There are some interesting trends that reading this […]

EU Residency Rights not available to ex-partners who have experienced domestic abuse – what can we learn from a recent case?

We focus on a case today which is just one of many pending cases which have been stagnating since before Brexit, and are potentially affected by alterations of rules due to the UK leaving the European Union. The main issues within this case revolves around the Home Office denying the claimants right of residence in […]

New guidance released to combat Property-Title-Fraud! What does it mean, and what can you do to stop it?

Purchasing a property is many peoples main lifetime goal, and often takes a lot of hard work, time and dedication to achieve. Not to mention the ever increasing costs of property in the UK. It is no surprise then that fraudsters will try to target those who are so close to completing the purchase of […]

Welcome Minnie!

We are over the moon to welcome Minnie Tse into our ranks, who has filled the role of Office Administrator! During her first week she has already exhibited excellent traits that are suited perfectly to the role, including being hard-working, focussed and with a fantastic attention to detail.   Minnie studied Sociology and Education in […]

Are workers entitled to time off due to bereavement, and what types of changes to this issue are MPs fighting for?

Losing a loved one is undeniably difficult and can lead to serious emotional anguish, depressive thoughts and in some cases trouble dealing with everyday life. It can often be the lowest point in someone’s life, and wherever possible those around them should offer support and comfort to help them get back on track.   When […]

When will security for costs be ordered within family proceedings, and what can we learn from a recent case?

When it comes to family proceedings, the default position is that each party covers their own legal costs. If there is some unreasonable conduct by one of the parties, or circumstances that are deemed relevant enough to warrant some kind of financial support or guarantee, then the courts may take this into consideration and orders […]

Copyright Confusion! Work done in ‘personal time’ deemed to be owned by employer instead of employee.

Everyone likes to be rewarded for the work they do, and it is a well-known fact that employees who feel valued by their employers tend to be more productive and achieve a more harmonious work/life balance.   However, in some circumstances there can be friction in the work place. One such issue that has arisen […]

Mother’s plan to keep child backfires! A look into child custody and supervised contact

The love and responsibility that parents feel for their children can be one of the most powerful things in the world. Often, parents will make life decisions based around what is best for their children, even when it means a harder life for themselves. However, there are times when parents can make the wrong decisions […]

Welcome Xinru!

We are thrilled to announce Xinru Jia has joined us as a Legal Assistant, and has already shown herself to be a fantastic addition to our firm!   Xinru achieved her bachelor’s degree in law in 2020 from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, she then graduated from UCL in 2021 with master’s degree in […]

Welcome Xijia!

We are so pleased to welcome Xijia Xie into our firm, joining us as a Legal Assistant. He has proven himself to be dedicated and knowledgeable, a real asset to our team!   Xijia is a qualified public service interpreter (DPSI English Law Pathway, Mandarin/English). He completed his MA in Law while studying at the […]

Why would one want to have a clean break regarding matrimonial assets in divorce?

Written by Xinlei Zhang.   The recent case of Sismey v Salandron [2021] 10 WLUK 372 illustrates the importance of having a clear break following a divorce settlement. It concerns a divorce settlement which was not effective during the parties’ lifetime, but only came into force by way of a will on one party’s death. […]

Father takes legal action against ‘globe-trotting’ mother in order to claim child back from an unwanted nomadic lifestyle – a lesson in habitual residence.

There are many issues that can arise between parents, often related to their own children. It is true that being responsible for a young person is difficult, but it can be made even harder when the parents themselves stop seeing eye to eye on important matters, such as how and where the child lives.   […]

Acas publishes new guidance on fire and rehire practices. What do they say and how might employers and employees be affected?

When it comes to running a business there are often ups and downs; one of the more significant negatives can be sizing down on staff. Of course, sometimes there are inescapable reasons for firing an employee that would not be up for debate, such as stealing from the company, behaving in an aggressive way to […]

If your ex-spouse has taken your children and moved permanently to another country, can you bring them back?

Written by Angeline Teoh.     If you and your ex-spouse are separated, it is illegal for any parties to take the child(ren) abroad without the other parent’s consent, unless permission from the Court is obtained. Failing to obtain consent from the other party will make you run a risk of falling foul of the […]

Persistence, preparation and persuasion is key!

Written by Mahfuz Ahmed.     We were recently successful in an appeal of significant importance to our client, which shows that a client’s persistence and a well prepared appeal, can lead to a fantastic result, regardless of previous decisions.   Background   Our client is a Chinese national who came to the UK alone […]

How can COVID-19 restrictions affect EUSS applicants, and what measures are in place to bypass this issue?

One of the major concerns for people applying to the EU Settlement Scheme throughout the ongoing pandemic is the fact that they have been outside the UK for longer than they had planned, meaning their continual residence may be affected. This can easily occur when travel restrictions are put in place, meaning people can be […]

Sky TV presenter hit with HUGE tax bill after losing IR35 case appeal. What can we learn from this?

In a recent case, the First Tier Tribunal found that the working relationship between presenter Dave Clark and Sky Sports to be based around an IR35 contract, specifically between 2013 and 2018. As a result of this, Clark is faced with a tax bill of over £280,000. This case is one of many similar ones […]

Commercial Rent Debt accrued over the Pandemic to be handled under new Code of Practice – What does this mean for landlords and tenants?

It has been announced this week that new laws and a new code of practice will dictate the handling of debts accrued by those renting commercial property during the pandemic, who have been unable to pay rent and other costs because of lockdowns and a lack of business. This will be of interest to both […]

Welcome Peggy!

We are so pleased to announce that Peggy Lim has joined our team as a Paralegal. She has already proven herself to be an intelligent and hard-working team player.   Peggy achieved both her LLB and LLM in Corporate and Commercial Law from the University of Sheffield, passing with distinctions. She completed her Bar Practice […]

Child Arrangements Orders: What are they and How To Apply?

Written by Angeline Teoh.   A Child Arrangements Order (CAO) is an order that regulates arrangements for a child. The Court can make orders relating to children arrangement, such as who should have children’s custody and how contact with children should be maintained and in what way. This article will try to cover the common […]

Immigration Issues in the Autumn Budget: What Changes Have Been Announced?

Last week, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the government’s tax and spending plans for the year ahead, which he promised would focus on rectifying the large financial pressures caused by the coronavirus pandemic. This budget, according to the Chancellor, will pave the way for economic growth, higher productivity and room for people in the UK to […]

Important evidence? You need to spell it out in detail to the Immigration Tribunals

There are many aspects that must be taken into account when someone wishes to apply for leave to remain in the UK, including passing an English language test from a recognised provider. One of the accredited test by the Home Office used to be the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) provided by an […]

New Settlement Fast-Track: Private life applicants can now obtain Indefinite Leave to Remain earlier!

Written by Mahfuz Ahmed.   Under paragraph 276ADE of the Immigration Rules, an applicant can make an application for leave to remain on the basis of their Private life established in the United Kingdom.   These applications are considered in accordance with Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which protects your right […]

No Home Office Decision, No Appeal – What Can You Do Then?

Applying for leave to remain, visa extensions or going through any other immigration procedures can be stressful and leave applicants with serious anxiety and confusion. This is made twice as hard when the case becomes mixed up in various court jurisdictions and responsibility ends up being juggled around, leaving the person at the centre of […]

Can the Home Office simply ignore Court Orders that are invalid?

Written by Mahfuz Ahmed.      A Court Order is an official judgement made by a Judge at the end of a hearing, or in the interim, (prior to a final order being made). The contents of the Order depends entirely on the case presented to the Judge.   There may be exceptional circumstances where […]

Discretionary leave to be given to trafficked asylum seekers says the High Court.

Written by Mahfuz Ahmed.     Victims of Modern slavery and trafficking both abroad and in the UK, who have claimed asylum, typically have to wait a substantial amount of time for their claim to be considered. The Competent Authority will make a reasonable and then conclusive grounds decision as to whether an individual is […]

Welcome Lin!

This week we are so pleased to announce a new addition to the Lisa’s Law family! Lin Niu has come in as a Legal Assistant and has already proven herself to be a massively important and extremely hard-working individual within our legal team.   Lin graduated from Brunel University London with an MSc in Marketing, […]

Migration Advisory Committee conduct deep-dive into the Intra Company Transfer visa route – what did they find and what is going to change?

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) is an independent, non-statutory, non-time limited, non-departmental public body that advises the government on migration issues. Recently, they conducted a review of the Intra-Company Transfer visa route to explore what is working about it and review what needs to be changed. This inspection was requested by the Home Secretary Priti […]

Can a judgement summons be used purely to commit a debtor to prison?

When marriages end, the effect on those involved can be emotionally intense. Many difficult, but necessary, aspects of a life previously shared must be divided up and responsibilities need to be assessed and assigned. Where money is involved, things can take a nasty turn, particularly when one partner owes the other a significant amount.   […]

Can you sell your matrimonial home in divorce proceedings?

Written by Xinlei Zhang.   As we explained in our previous article, the Court will generally apply the equal-sharing principle in resolving financial dispute in divorce. In most cases, the parties’ matrimonial home will probably be the most valuable asset. The Court has power to make such adjustment order and/or order for sale as it […]

Were Asylum cases considered between 2005 – 2014 under the unfair Detained Fast Track Rules unlawful?

Written by Mahfuz Ahmed.   Asylum seekers flee their home country to travel to the United Kingdom to seek protection. They sometimes go through tremendous suffering, adversity and hardship in their travels.   Once they arrive in the United Kingdom and claim asylum, the UK have a responsibility to consider their claim.   Detained fast […]

International Sportsperson Visa – Something new or a simple rebranding?

You may have recently seen that the UK’s Immigration Rules had a fairly significant update, with many visa routes and procedures being tweaked, added and removed. We summarised some key points within the new rules in our article UK Immigration Rules: Let’s keep up with the changes! One visa route in particular that got a […]

Paragraph 39E of the Immigration rules and whether application for leave to remain is considered to be made ‘in-time’.

Written by Mahfuz Ahmed.     An application for a leave to remain must be made prior to the expiry of your existing leave to ensure that you are not an overstayer. Overstaying in the UK will subject you to the hostile environment, which means there will be restrictions in renting, employment, accessing medical treatment […]

Childlessness and Short-lived Marriages are not Decisive Factors in Family Asset Division

Written by Xinlei Zhang.     When considering financial resolution in divorce, usually couples are able to agree on financial arrangements between themselves or with the help of solicitors. If this is not possible, you may seek help from family mediation or, as a last resort, seek a Court order. Let us delve into the […]

What happens in a Fraudulent Property Transfer?

Written by Evveline Loh.     The case Victus Estates (2) Ltd and others v Munroe; Benjamin v Victus Estates (1) Ltd and another [2021] EWHC 2411 (Ch) is concerned with two appeals involving two separate property transfers where fraud was involved.   The two- property transferred raised same issues:   Where property is owned […]

Eviction notice periods to return to pre-pandemic timescale – what do landlords and tenants need to know?

The COVID-19 pandemic threw everyone into a world of uncertainty and anxiety, with people unable to work, many confined to their homes and entire industries grinding to a halt. It was a time for compassion, and one element of compassion that the government took, and one that was entirely necessary, was the ban on residential […]

Changes to family permits, relevant documents and more may work in favour of family members applying under the EU Settlement Scheme

Some readers may have seen our recent article titled UK Immigration Rules: Let’s keep up with the changes – which was a comprehensive look at the many updates and tweaks that the Home Office has made, or is going to make, to the immigration rules in the near future. Amongst the vast amounts of information […]

When is Section 3C leave revived when an appeal is lodged out of time?

Written by Mahfuz Ahmed.   Section 3C of the Immigration Act 1971 explained   The Home Office can take a number of months to decide an application, which would usually result in an applicant’s leave expiring after they have made an application.   Section 3C of the Immigration Act 1971 is a very important provision, […]

Absence Of Parent Does Not Itself Make An Adoption Process Procedurally Irregular: Courts Refuse Mothers Application of Adoption Order.

It is never nice to see a family be split apart, however in certain unfortunate circumstances it is necessary, especially when the safety of children is concerned. When there is a serious issue, and parents are deemed unfit to look after their children, those children can be put up for adoption via an adoption order, […]

UK Immigration Rules: Let’s keep up with the changes!

The Home Office has recently published newly updated immigration rules which will dictate how people are able to enter and remain in the UK. Some of the changes you will read about here are directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic, or the situation in Afghanistan, while others will be connected to the EU Settlement Scheme […]

Welcome Angeline!

We are so pleased to announce Angeline as the latest member of our team, joining as a paralegal! She has already proven herself to be an extremely hardworking and knowledgeable individual.   Angeline is from Malaysia. She holds a LLB Law degree from Nottingham Trent University. Recently, she finished her LLM Bar Training Course with […]

EU Settlement Scheme: How can I apply for an administrative review if a decision goes against me?

The EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS), we are certain many of you will know, was set up in response to Brexit to allow EU, non-EU EEA and Swiss citizens and their eligible family members to apply to enter or continue to stay in the UK before the end of the Brexit transition period the opportunity to protect […]

In what circumstances can you challenge the Secretary of State’s Policy Guidance?

Written by Mahfuz Ahmed.     The Secretary of State drafts policy guidance and statements of practices for their caseworkers, and great reliance is placed upon these documents by applicants, when making immigration and other applications.   There may be circumstances where the contents of such policies may be considered by some as unlawful. In […]

Can time spent under a visit visa count towards 10 years long residence?

Written by Mahfuz Ahmed.     Under the UK’s  ‘long residency’ rule, a person can qualify for Indefinite Leave to Remain allowing them to stay in the UK without any time restrictions, provided that they have been resident lawfully in the UK legally for 10 or more continuous years.   Long Residency is typically shown […]

Welcome Mahfuz!

We are thrilled to announce that we have recruited an extremely experienced and knowledgeable solicitor, Mahfuz Ahmed, who we can already tell will be a hugely important asset to our growing firm!   Mahfuz is a Solicitor, who provides advice to clients on all aspects of immigration law, and litigation.   Mahfuz has extensive experience […]

Slanderous claims result in privacy injunction in recent private law child proceedings!

Using our voice and expressing our opinion is a right that everyone in the UK, and most of the world, often take for granted. Communication plays a key role in a healthy and successful life, and in most circumstances creates positive and interesting dialogues between people, allowing us to think in different ways, learn new […]

Refugee Resettlement – How does it work and what is the UK government doing to aid Afghan refugees?

As the situation in Afghanistan has forced many civilians out of their homes the UK’s refugee resettlement policies have once again been cast into the limelight. In this article we will take a look at the current policies the Home Office has in place for people who find themselves in this unfortunate situation, and analyse […]

Furlough Frenzy! What is considered unfair in terms of employee dismissal during the pandemic, and what can we learn from two cases with very different outcomes?

Navigating the often uncomfortable realm of employee dismissal has long since been a challenge for employers. Of course, employers do not seek out the chance to dismiss workers, as it often results in administrative as well as social awkwardness for them, but it can unfortunately be a necessity.   People losing their jobs is one […]

The Role of Certificates of Sponsorship: Home Office to Profit from struggling music industry?

It is no secret that the music and entertainment industries were hit extremely hard by coronavirus. With venues closing, shows being cancelled and travel restrictions being put in place, it is fair to say that many aspects of this lucrative market ground to a halt.   Now that restrictions are slowly being lifted, those who […]

Welcome Angel!

We are so thrilled to announce that Angel Yeung has joined us as a Paralegal, and has been excellent from the get go!   Angel obtained her LLB degree from East China University of Political Science and Law in Shanghai and pursued her Master’s studies at University of Bristol in 2018. Also, she is going […]

Obtaining status in the UK via deceptive means? It could come back to haunt you!

Having the right to remain in the UK indefinitely can be a goal for a lot of people who wish to call the country their home. It can be a fairly long process, taking 3, 5 or even 10 years before applicants can be considered eligible. It may seem like a long while, but the […]

Better late than never! How can those who missed the deadline for the EU Settlement Scheme still apply, and what are the requirements?

The EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS), many of you will know, was set up in response to Brexit to allow EU, non-EU EEA and Swiss citizens and their eligible family members to apply to enter or continue to stay in the UK before the end of the Brexit transition period the opportunity to protect their residence in […]

Welcome Alex!

We have been growing steadily over the past couple of years, and with an ever expanding client list comes the need for more excellent lawyers to deliver the quality legal service that we are known for!   So, without further ado let us introduce Alex Yang, the latest member of the Lisa’s Law family!   […]

Wrongful vs Unfair Dismissal: What is the difference and what role does ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance play?

Wrongful or unfair dismissal is a reality of employment, one that the majority of people do not have to go through, but for those that do face it will know well enough how stressful it can be. While the two may sound similar, they are in fact very different.   In this article we will […]

Multiple Dwellings Relief denied in recent case! When is it an option for buyers?

Anyone who has been fortunate enough to purchase a second property of their own, or even those who know someone else who has done so, are likely to have heard of Stamp Duty Land Tax. Usually, this tax will have been spoken about in negative terms, as an additional cost that is sometimes left unbudgeted […]

Termination of parental responsibility – when can it occur and what can we learn from a recent case?

As a law firm we understand that families can go through hard times as well as good times. Often, when issues arise they can be sorted out. Alternatively, the issues cannot be completely fixed but a reasonable compromise can be made, and people can come to an arrangement that works for everyone. However, when things […]

Landmark Ruling Could Unlock EU Settlement Scheme for Zambrano Carers!

We have said it before, and we will say it again: the deadline for the EU Settlement Scheme is right around the corner on 30 June 2021. This must be a priority for all EU citizens and their family members, as if they do not register or submit their applications in time, they may not […]

EU Settlement Scheme – Coronavirus related absences to be overlooked by Home Office?

The deadline to the EU Settlement Scheme is at the end of this month (30 June 2021), meaning that EU nationals and their family members will have a limited amount of time to apply for visas to either continue to stay in the UK or come into this country, depending on their personal circumstances.  For […]

Denial of homeworking or furlough request from employees due to fears of COVID-19 may not itself amount to unfair dismissal

Coronavirus has been a huge part of our lives for almost one and a half years now and the effects of it have reached far and wide. It has taken many lives, ravaged the economy, put thousands out of work and made people homeless. The nature of the virus makes it unpredictable, as new variants […]

Splitting up the family? The importance of Retained Rights of Residency for family members of EU citizens.

With the deadline to get onto the EU Settlement Scheme rapidly approaching, people all over the UK who have come to know this country as their home will be feeling tense and confused about where they will stand come the 30th of June. While the Home Office often sugar-coats the immigration system as straight forward […]

Coronavirus and UK Immigration: What story do the statistics tell?

On the 27th of May the Home Office released their most up to date quarterly immigration statistics for the year ending 21st of March 2021. These stats include data in which we can see how many people came to the UK during this time period, how many extended their stay, the number of people who […]

E-visas, E-permission to Travel, E-sponsorship System – What are the key points in the Home Office’s New Immigration Plan?

On the 24th of March 2021, the Home Office released their official plan moving forwards on how to deal with immigration and border control in the UK. Part of the statement issued on the government website addresses the well-known fact that free movement between the EU and the UK ended on 31 December 2020 as […]

How to move homes under the current Unlocking 3.0?

Moving home has been possible during lockdown, but the moves have happened within rules that have been changing as we gradually take steps towards normality. As we move forward into Step 3 of the roadmap out of lockdown, where more social contact is permitted in certain situations, the government have once again updated the guidance […]

Fantastic positions open here at Lisa’s Law – come and join our team!

We have some fantastic roles available in our busy, London based law firm. Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic we are pleased to say that business has continued to grow here at Lisa’s Law. We are thrilled to say that we are looking to welcome some new faces to fill some excellent positions across […]

Protection for renters remains, but notice period is cut to 4 months

Over the course of the pandemic, the government has brought in many polices and guidelines in order to protect UK residents. One such measure was a ban on evictions, whereby renters could rest assured that they would not be made homeless during the COVID-19 outbreak. This was a very positive policy which benefitted many people. […]

EU Settlement Scheme Backlog Could Leave Many Applicants Status In Legal Grey Area!

The all-important EU Settlement Scheme has been open since March 2019 in response to Brexit. Its purpose is to allow EU, non-EU EEA and Swiss citizens and their eligible family members living in the UK the opportunity to protect their residence in the UK. The deadline to get on to the EU Settlement Scheme is […]

May 16th: Cut-Off Date for Right to Rent Check Concession!

On March 30th 2020, landlords were given the green light to conduct right to rent checks on their tenants using digital means to make life easier during the COVID-19 pandemic. This meant that the checks could be conducted over video calls, tenants could scan over documents or take photos of relevant paper work rather than […]

An App for Your Applications – Let’s Hope it Lasts Longer This Time!

A large wave of applications for replacement Biometric Residence Permits (“BRP”) and Biometric Residence Cards (“BRC”) over the past few months has led to some congestion within the Visas and Citizenship Appointment Service (UKVCAS), which has the risk of paralysing the Home Office’s visa application system again. More and more applicants are struggling to book appointment […]

Domestic Abuse and COVID-19: a new protocol to ease confidentiality concerns for victims

Domestic abuse is an incredibly serious crime which often goes unreported and unnoticed, leaving police data on such crimes only accounting for a small part of a larger issue. While recent data does show that domestic abuse is on the rise, it is difficult to say for certain that the rise is directly related to […]

When does the Bank of Mum and Dad finally close? A look into ‘adult child’ maintenance.

Young adults living with their parents is not as unusual as it was a couple of decades ago. The prices of houses has gone up, especially for those living in major cities, and more and more people decide to carry on studying before taking up real jobs to earn enough money to afford rent and […]

The return of Sabrina and a warm welcome to Yvonne and Samantha!

We have been really busy over the last few months, dealing with many enquiries for our happy clients. This week we have welcomed some new faces into our ranks, which is very exciting! Today we are so pleased to announce Yvonne and Samantha as the newest members of our team!   Yvonne     Yvonne […]

Spring Event Results and an Introduction to our Social Committee!

You may have seen our recent blog which included all of our staff members brilliant Easter Egg decorations, which we did as part of our Spring Event. It was so nice that everyone got involved and had a chance to show off their creative side. Plus, painting the Easter Eggs was a great way to […]

£1,000,000 Voucher Scheme Launched to Promote Family Mediation

On 26th March 2021, the Ministry of Justice announced a voucher scheme to encourage families to resolve disputes on children, finance and properties by mediation, rather than through Court proceedings. Under the scheme, eligible families will receive a one-off £500 vouchers towards their mediation costs.   In this blog we will discuss how the Family […]

We are growing! Say hello to our new staff members!

Despite the challenges the past year has brought with it, we have continued to grow and develop here at Lisa’s Law. We have a dedicated team of professionals who have truly adapted and thrived, providing their clients with the same excellent service that they have come to expect from us.   We are thrilled to […]

New Skilled Worker Visa route expands recruitment pool! What does this mean for employers?

The rules for the Skilled Worker visa route will allow for more potential applicants to come and work in the UK, meaning more choice for employers looking to bring new talent to their companies. One of the main differences between the previous Tier 2 General visa and the Skilled Worker visa is in the level […]

More reasonable Skilled Worker visa requirements brought in! What does this mean for the catering industry and its potential employers?

People wanting to come and work in the UK, and those employers who want to recruit from overseas, are more likely to be able to do so under the Skilled Worker visa route rules. Whereas before applicants would only be considered if they were offered a role in the UK listed under the Level 6 […]

Looking for the next stage in your legal career? From Paralegals, to Solicitors and Supervisors, we are now hiring!

We have some fantastic roles available in our busy, London based law firm. Despite the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought, business has continued to grow here at Lisa’s Law and we are pleased to say that now is a good time to recruit some new team members!   Working at Lisa’s Law   […]

Child abuse laws finally expanded: Sports coaches and faith leaders to face the same consequences as teachers and doctors.

Some important developments are being made to the the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which was introduced to Parliament on 9th March 2021. It is likely to become law very shortly.   One key part of the bill is about child abuse. It has widened the definition of positions of trust to include sports […]

Graduate Visa – Eligibility, application process and more.

The recent changes to the immigration rules included some more details regarding a visa type that has plenty of interest around it: the Graduate Visa. This visa promises to allow the brightest and best from around the world to look for work in the UK after completing their studies, but who exactly is eligible for […]

Shortage Occupation List, Graduate visa, and Global Talent visa routes updated in latest changes to the Immigration Rules.

The Home Office announced its first Statements of Changes to the Immigration Rules in 2021 on 4th March 2021.   As many will know, the Immigration Rules are used to regulate peoples entry into, and permission to stay in, the United Kingdom. Like any ruleset, it must be updated to factor in any changes of […]

How can employers promote straightforward vaccinations for their workers?

Vaccinations are essential to the end of the Coronavirus pandemic and the UK is making decent strides in getting its population vaccinated, with over 20 million people having already received their first dose.   It is within everyone’s best interest that the pandemic ends sooner rather than later so that our economy, healthcare services and […]

Visa Applications – Waiting Times and What to Expect.

Applying for visas can vary from being straight forward to actually turning into a stressful ordeal. It really depends on individual circumstances, and it is unlikely that any two visa applications will play out in exactly the same way. One major factor to take into account is the amount of time it takes for visa […]

Uber drivers no longer considered self-employed, Supreme Court rules! What employment rights are they now entitled to?

Uber has over 60,000 drivers in London alone, and operates in many other parts of the UK. Until last week these employees had been seen as self-employed sole traders, meaning that they only received payment when they were carrying a fare, were not entitled to holiday pay and were not guaranteed to earn above minimum […]

Stamp Duty Land Tax – What are the higher rates and who has to pay them?

This blog will outline the latest guidance related to the higher bracket of Stamp Duty Land Tax, who it applies to, and in what scenarios it does or does not have to be paid. SDLT is a topic containing many avenues, which we will explore in upcoming articles, but for this one we will mainly […]

Illegal migrants in the UK can be vaccinated with no fear of removal!

The Coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down. It is widely agreed around the globe that the main collective priority is to get everyone vaccinated as quickly as possible, putting an end to this bleak chapter of humanity as efficiently as possible.   This is why the vaccination of everyone in UK, no matter […]

Lisa’s Law – Here For You As Always!

We know that life in lockdown can be hard, but instructing a solicitor has never been more straightforward. We have ensured that our existing clients, as well as those who enquire with us for the first time, get a fantastic legal service without having to leave the comfort of their homes.   Mobile App   […]

Buying a Property at Auction – Risks and Rewards from a Legal Perspective

Buying a property can be a daunting process and is likely to be the most expensive purchase a person will make in their lifetime. The most common way to buy a property is through an estate agent, but some people choose to go through auctions instead. In this article we will examine the differences between […]