The Home Office has published the latest asylum and resettlement statistics for the year ending September 2023. These latest statistics show that there were 40,571 asylum grants in the year ending in September 2023. This is the most asylum grants since 2010. For comparison, the second highest amount of grants were in 2021 where the grants totalled 31,339.  2022 was the third highest year, with grants totalling 24,050.


Many people may lack confidence in claiming asylum due to lack of evidence or other issues. Contrary to this, the statistics show that if you have a genuine claim then a claim should be presented to the Home Office, as a clear and well-presented case may lead to an asylum grant.


Let’s take a look at some other areas within the asylum seeker statistics, such as asylum claims granted following the substantive interview stage, as well as the number of overall asylum applications.


Huge increase in Asylum claims being granted by the Home Office


There has also been a huge increase in the number of asylum claims that have been granted by the Home Office following the substantive interview.


The statistics show that 31,443 asylum claims were granted following the substantive interview this year ending September 2023, with 10,415 claims being refused. This means that approximately 75% of claims considered by the Home Office this year were successful. When compared with all years since 2010, this is a huge increase compared the second highest year (2022) where the total grants were 14,370. However, the percentage of grants were slightly higher at 76%.


The statistics appear to show that the Home Office are now comprehensively considering claims made by applicants. Previously, the likelihood of grants at the initial stage was very low and claims would need to be made at tribunals for fair consideration. To put this in context, between the years 2010 to 2018, the median percentage of grants to refusals was 34.78%.


Decrease in overall asylum applicants


However, the latest asylum seeker statistics also show that there has been a decrease in the number of asylum claims made in the UK for the year ending September 2023. The total number of claims was 75,340, slightly lower than the number of claims made last year which amounted to 76,094 overall.


It is no secret that the UK Government believes migration to the UK is a serious concern and crossings over the channel must be addressed to stop asylum claimants. However, the published statistics clearly show that contrary to the UK Government’s opinion, the number of claims made is decreasing, albeit by a small amount.


The decrease in the number of claims could be down to a number of reasons. Fewer migrants may be coming to the UK, or people may have had obstacles in applying for asylum due to waiting times for screening interviews taking longer than previously.


You can read the full statistics here. 


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