Over the past few months we have been eagerly awaiting the implementation of an online UK eVisa system which will end the issuing of BRP cards. Many BRP card holders were wondering why, despite their visa being granted for longer, their BRP card had an expiry of 31st December 2024. We explained that this was due to the upcoming implementation of an online visa system, known as an eVisa.


We can now confirm that this UK eVisa system is live. As a result, all holders of BRP cards are recommended to sign up to the eVisa platform. This platform will give you the right to live in the UK. As a reminder to all those with dependants, you must ensure that all members of your family register for the e-visa.


Although you can still use the BRP Card until the expiry date, after this all checks will be done using the online system.


What do we charge for eVisa registration?


We at Lisa’s Law are undertaking registration for an eVisa for a fixed price of £150 plus VAT. This fixed fee is set regardless of whether it for one person or for all the member of your immediate family.


Contact us today and we will happily set up your eVisa account.


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