As of 4th April 2024, some big changes to the skilled worker route came into force. Most foreign workers will now need to earn £38,700 to obtain a skilled worker visa. This is a huge increase to the skilled worker salary threshold from the previous requirement of £26,200.


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These changes were initially announced in December last year as part of the government’s 5-point plan to reduce net migration. Part of this plan has now come into force. Current holders of the Skilled Worker visa will not be affected by the new income requirement and can rely on previous levels.


We anticipate that this change will have a huge impact on net migration. For many small businesses, it may too be costly to sponsor a foreign worker with an annual salary of £38,700 and considering other costs associates with sponsorship.


Another change is the introduction of a new Immigration Salary List, which replaces the Shortage Occupation List. Those who are applying for select jobs which are listed in in the new Immigration Salary List will need to meet a lower salary threshold. This is due to the jobs being in a shortage in the UK. The new list contains fewer positions which are considered in shortage.


The UK Immigration Salary List can be found here:


Meanwhile, the widely reported change to the income requirement for family related visas is due to come into force on 11th April 2024.


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