For some time, it has been no secret that the Home Office have tended to refuse visitor visa applications from applicants who are from Fujian Province in China.


The commonly understood reason for this is that it is due to the large number of overstayers in the UK from the Fujian province. The Home Office therefore suspects that everyone from that province will overstay in the UK. The rate of visitor visa applications is extremely low. They tend to refuse them arbitrarily.


However, over the years the economic circumstances of Fujian have changed substantially. The attraction of coming to the UK to live permanently has declined significantly. There are more people who simply want to visit their family members in the UK and not overstay, particularly those who are at senior ages.


Recently, we have been successful in applications from Fujian province, and we therefore wonder whether the Home Office have now become more open to visitor applications from the region. Perhaps finally the Home Office has recognised the significant developments in the region over the years, the growing population of over 41 million, and also recognised that many wish to just visit their loved ones in the UK.


You can find more details on our visit visa requirements here.


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