Coming to the UK may be a daunting experience for some. For new arrivals, it may be difficult to know how to begin your integration into the UK. Here we provide a guide for those who have moved to the UK on how to register for services and how to start your life in the UK.


How to set up a bank account


To set up a bank account, you can do this either online or you can visit a branch in person. You will need to provide proof of identification and proof of address. The bank may require other documentation. If you cannot provide the documentation the banks require, then the bank may accept a letter from a professional person who has known you such as a teacher, GP, social worker or solicitor.


All banks usually have an account that they offer which can be used for free.


Citizen Advice Bureau have a very useful guide that can be found here (


How to register with a General Practitioner (doctor)


Everyone in the UK regardless of immigration status is entitled to register with a GP. It is free to register. You do not need proof of address or immigration status, or ID.


You will need to attend your local surgery close to your home and complete a registration form. Your local surgery may not be accepting new patients and if this is the case, you can attend the next closest surgery to you.


If you are also registering your children, you will need to complete a separate form.


The NHS provide a very helpful guide that can be found here (


How to register your children for school


The most important registration for all parents is registering their child for school. You do not need to have immigration status to do so. You will need to apply for registration via your local council’s website. You will usually be asked to list a few schools that you wish your child to attend.


The above process is for both children applying for primary school and secondary school.

The UK Gov website provide a very useful guide on how to apply which can be found here (


Learning English


After arriving to the UK, you may wish to improve your English. The British Council offer affordable courses to help migrants learn English. The link to the courses can be found here (


If you cannot afford to pay for English courses, you can contact non-profit organizations who may be able to offer you classes for free. One such organization is


National Insurance Number


To apply for a national insurance number, you need to apply online. A national insurance number is required for you to work in the UK and can take four weeks for you to receive. You can legally start work without the number as long as you can prove you are allowed to work. However, you must obtain the National Insurance number within 3 months of starting employment.

You can apply using the website, a link can be found here –


Contacting the Police


If you wish to report a crime, then you must contact the Police. You must call 999 on your telephone if it is an emergency. If it is not an emergency, then you should call 101 on your telephone. Calls to both numbers are free from all phones.


Should you prefer to report a crime online, this can be done via the website. The link can be found here (


We hope that the above helps all that are new to the UK.


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