Priority service returns for entry clearance family applications


The Home Office have formally announced the return of their priority service for family visa applications. This will once again enable applicants to have the option to pay for their application to be considered quicker. We have now received emails from the Home Office regarding pending applications, and whether the applicants want to pay £573 for priority service. This will result in their application being considered within 3 weeks.


The Home Office’s priority service for entry clearance application was previously suspended due to the Ukraine crisis following Russia’s invasion of the country. The Home Office prioritised their resources into considering applications received by Ukrainians who were trying to flee the conflict through the visa schemes like the Homes for Ukraine scheme. Without priority service being available, applicants were waiting 6 months, and in some cases more, for their applications for entry clearance to be considered so that they could join their family members in the UK.


No doubt this is a much-welcomed update for family members, who will now be able to reunite quicker thanks to the reintroduction of the priority service. As always, if you need assistance with immigration legal services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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