Despite the tumultuousness in British politics at the moment, with three Prime Ministers in three months, there continue to be changes made to UK immigration policy.


Recently reappointed Home Secretary Suella Braverman, previously in the job for just 42 days before leaving due to a security breach, has publicly claimed that modern slavery laws are being abused. These claims drew criticism from the labour abuse watchdog.


Despite Braverman’s claims, in the new Statement of Changes the Home Office has amended the immigration rules in favour of those who are victims of human trafficking or slavery.


Statement of Changes


Our Immigration Supervisor, Mahfuz Ahmed, outlines the new Statement of Changes and what it will mean for those affected.


The Home Office has published a new Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules HC 719 inserting Appendix Temporary Permission to Stay for Victims of Human Trafficking or Slavery.


This establishes a route for those who have received conclusive grounds that they are a victim of Human Trafficking or Slavery to be considered for temporary leave.


To be granted leave on this route, a person must show that the grant of permission to stay is necessary due to the following:


1. Assisting the person in their recovery from a physical or psychological harm arising from the relevant exploitation; or

2. Enabling the person to seek compensation

3. Enabling the person to cop-operate with a public authority.


Previously, recovery was not taken into consideration, as the requirement was instead “personal circumstances … are so compelling”. We believe that this change was overdue as the previous ‘compelling’ requirement rendered the threshold too high.


Victims of Human Trafficking and Slavery will be granted leave to remain up to a maximum of 30 months. During this time, they will be able to access public funds, study and work would be permitted.


Should you require assistance in applying for leave under this new route, then do contact us.


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