UK’s immigration and nationality fees (UK visa fees) are set to increase from 4th October 2023. The Home Office confirmed today (15th September) that they will be increasing fees for the majority of immigration applications starting on 4th October 2023.


The fee rises were originally announced in July this year, and today, legislation is being laid in Parliament. “Income from fees charged plays a vital role in the Home Office’s ability to run a sustainable immigration and nationality system.” – the UK government has stated.


The average increase is 15%, and we have highlighted some of the increases below:


Visitor Visa fee (short up to 6 months): Increasing from £100 to £115

Visitor Visa fee (long up to 2 years): Increasing from £376 to £400

Student Visa fee (outside the UK): Increasing from £363 to £490

Skilled Worker Visa fee (in-country application, 3 years or less): Increasing from £719 to £827

Skilled Worker Visa fee (in-country application, over 3 years): Increasing from £1,423 to £1,500

Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) fee: Increasing from £2,404 to £2,885

Naturalisation (British Citizenship) fee: Increasing from £1,250 to £1,500

Nationality Registration (British Citizenship) fee: Increasing from £1,126 to £1,351


You can find the full list of the new fees here.


The anticipated increase in the Immigration Health Surcharge fee is scheduled to be introduced in Autumn and will not take effect on 4th October 2023.


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