You may have seen our recent guide on the UK Visitor Visa. Well, in today’s article we have compiled a range of the most frequently asked questions about the Visitor Visa.


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Q: How much funds do I need to show for a UK Visitor visa?


A: It is necessary to have enough money to support yourself during your stay in the UK, but there is no specific amount required. It’s important to consider your planned activities and living expenses in the UK, as the caseworker reviewing your application will assess the potential cost of your stay and your available sources of revenue. They will also consider your income and savings in relation to any financial responsibilities you have in your home country to determine whether you have enough funds to support yourself during your visit.


Q: What is the earliest time for me to apply for a Visitor visa?


A: The earliest you can apply is 3 months before you travel.


Q: Who can sponsor a visitor to the UK?


A: To support an application for a UK Visitor Visa, a sponsor such as a friend, family member, or business associate can provide sponsorship. The necessary documents for sponsoring a UK Visitor Visa typically include evidence of accommodation arrangements and the sponsor’s financial status, as demonstrated by their bank balance.


Q: What does it mean to make “frequent or successive visits” to the UK?


A: There is no fixed limit on the amount of time you can spend in the UK as a visitor, as long as you don’t exceed six months on each visit. However, if a caseworker suspects that you are attempting to establish UK residency through frequent or repeated visits, your application for a Standard Visitor Visa may be rejected. Your travel history will be assessed by the caseworker, including the duration and frequency of your previous visits to the UK.


Q: Can I renew my Visitor visa?


A: The maximum duration for a Tourist visa is six months, and it is not possible to apply for or extend it beyond that period. If an applicant initially applied for less than six months and wants to extend their stay, they must apply for an extension before their current leave expires.


Individuals who require frequent visits to the UK can apply for a multi-entry visit visa that can be valid for two, five, or ten years. However, they must provide evidence that there is a valid reason for their frequent visits. It is mandatory for multi-entry visa holders to ensure they do not stay in the UK for more than six months in any consecutive 12-month period.


When applying for a multi-entry visa, the applicant should provide evidence that they will depart the UK at the end of each visit and that their purpose for visiting the UK remains the same throughout the validity period of their visa.


Q: What happens if my application for a UK Visitor visa is refused?


A: If your application is refused, it is unlikely that you can appeal the decision. If you wish to challenge a refusal, you may have to do so by way of judicial review.


In case of a refusal, seeking expert legal advice from our immigration solicitors might be helpful for making a fresh application. Lisa’s Law will help you with a well-prepared application that addresses each reason for the refusal, which would be essential for the success of the fresh application.


Q: Can I switch from a Visitor visa to a different type of visa?


A: No, you cannot switch from a Visitor visa to any other visa in the UK. You will need to make a fresh application on other types of visa which you wish to apply. The purpose of the Visitor visa is to allow individuals to come to the UK for a temporary visit rather than for a long-term or permanent stay in the country.


Q: What happens if I have overstayed on my Visitor visa?


A: In case you fail to leave the UK within 30 days of your visa or leave expiring, you will be considered an overstayer and will be liable for deportation. You should find out what steps to take if you are at risk of being deported. If you leave the UK after 30 day, you may face a ban from re-entering the UK for a period between 1 to 10 years.


Q: What happens if I get caught working on my Visitor visa?


A: If you get caught, there are several consequences you may face such as being deported to your home country, needing additional documents for future travel to the UK, or receiving a ban from entering the UK for several years. Should this be applicable to you, please contact us.


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