The coronavirus outbreak is slowing the UK down in many ways, but it is not having an effect on our relentless work ethic and desire to deliver an excellent legal service to our clients.


In fact, quite the opposite! We are welcoming any new cases in the following areas, as well as continuing our cases within immigration and property law:



  • Business and employment disputes
    • Coronavirus affecting your business?
    • Unsure about where you stand with employees?
    • Need help understanding sick leave and other workplace issues?
    • Need to know your employers / employees’ rights?
    • Need help to resolve sales and contractual terms disputes for delays and breaches?



We can help!



  • Banking and claims disputes
    • Feel like you are getting treated unfairly?
    • Had disagreements with banks / lenders?
    • Feel like you have been overcharged?
    • Been dealt unfair terms?
    • Want to make a claim through Courts and/or Ombudsman?



We can help!



  • Medical disputes
    • Complaints and claims against medical practitioners and hospitals
    • Want to sue for negligence?



We can help!



  • Family Law:
    • Assistance with divorce arrangements
    • Financial remedy
    • Clean break agreements
    • Child arrangement orders
    • Residence enquiries
    • Child abduction cases



We can help you, whatever the matter.


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