By Lily Dai


We recently dealt with a private limited company which was incorporated in Australia and specialises in brewing and producing bacteria–free red wine. In 2018, our client manufactured its first batch of wine. The wine achieved many sales and had a lot of success when it first launched locally in Australia. As a result of its rapid expansion, it was eager to open up the Europe market by establishing its first presence in the UK.


To implement the expansion plan, our client instructed us to apply for an expansion worker sponsorship licence for the business and also an expansion worker visa for its authorising officer. Following on the success of obtaining an expansion sponsor licence under the Global Business Mobility – UK Expansion Worker route, we submitted the application of an expansion worker visa for its identified authorising officer who is based in China.


Expansion worker visa received quickly


The application was submitted using standard service, which according to the UK Government website will normally take around 8 weeks to get a decision. Remarkably, the authorising officer received the result of being granted expansion worker visa within 24 hours after the submission.


We are proud that our client received a successful outcome in such a quick manner. The most important reason for this is that we made sure that all the criteria were met, and that the application was completed before being submit, so that the odds of a quick and positive result are significantly improved. We are also dedicated to offer assistance to more clients who want to expand their existing overseas business in the UK via this route. We wish our client the best of luck with their wine business in the UK.


The Expansion Worker Visa presents an excellent opportunity for businesses looking to grow their business in the UK. Read more about the expansion worker visa by reading our full breakdown here.


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