Coronavirus has hit the business world hard, and everyone is understandably very worried.


Rishi Sunak has pledged £330bn worth of aid and cuts to help businesses through these uncertain times.


We value all of our clients greatly, and we know that many of them own businesses of various sizes – we will not stop until you get the essential aid you need.


Likewise with new clients, we are prepared to take on everyone who requires legal assistance during these tough times, we will be a pillar for you to lean on.


We are here to get you what you are entitled to!


As the coronavirus is an economic emergency as well as a health one, businesses of all sizes can apply for financial aid.


What is available?


Smaller businesses will be able to access cash grants of up to £25,000 to see them through the crisis.


These grants will be given alongside business rate reductions, meaning that owners will pay less or in some cases nothing at all for use of their business property.


When will it be available?


Sunak said during the coronavirus update yesterday that these measures will be in place next week.


We will be ready to help you get your aid, and will only charge if your case is successful.


Dealing with us is a win-win situation for businesses who need help amid the corona outbreak.


Our fees:


We are keeping the cost of this service to an absolute minimum so that the clients can get the maximum benefit.


Our charge will be as follows:


  • £150.00 plus VAT on instructions,


  • Followed by 10% of whatever grant we have claimed or reduced business rate for clients plus VAT, up to a maximum of £500.00 plus VAT.


  • If we fail to reduce any business rate, or claim any grant, we will refund the £150.00 plus VAT


Please note that, whatever the outcome, we will only charge £500+VAT as an absolute maximum for these cases.


Contact us today!


We are open for business and are taking instructions as usual.


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