The government has updated its ‘How to Rent’ guide for October 2023. It provides important information for those who are renting a home privately under an assured shorthold tenancy. You can access the latest version of the How to rent guide here.


The How to Rent guide should be given to the tenant at the beginning of an assured shorthold tenancy by the landlord or letting agent. It is vitally important that landlords provide their tenants with a copy of the How to Rent guide. Without it, landlords may be fined or be unable to serve a Section 21 notice. This applies for any tenancy which was created after 1st October 2015.


What is different about the new guide?


The latest version of the How to Rent guide adds several new additions to the guide, six months after the last major update. These new changes include the provision of guidance on how tenants are able to access free legal aid and supportive advice.


It includes the government’s plans to put an end to ‘no fault’ section 21 evictions with new legislations. We covered these plans in a previous article which you can read about right here.


The guide has several sections which tackle a number of different stages when it comes to renting a private property. This includes the following:


1. Before you start

2. Looking for your new home

3. When you’ve found a place

4. Living in your rented home

5. At the end of the fixed period

6. If things go wrong

7. Further sources of information


Does the tenant need to be provided with the latest version of the guide if the tenancy is renewed?


In the event that the tenancy is renewed between the landlord and tenant for the same property and the guide has changed, the landlord will need to provide the tenant with an up to date version of the guide.  However, if the tenancy has not been renewed then this is not necessary.


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