Although it was long overdue, the USCIS finally made the above announcement. This means that the identities of the following people have been automatically extended to July 31:


  • All those who hold a visitor visa in the UK expiring on or before July 31; and


  • All those who hold a student visa, spouse visa, work visa or other visas expiring on or before July 31


These people do not need to submit any application, they just need to report to the immigration office briefly.


The period of time the person stays in the UK due to this extension is legal and will not affect future applications for a visa to come to the UK.


This situation also includes those who hold a visitor visa, although the visa has not expired, but has been in the UK for more than 180 days.


However, it should be noted that:


  • If the parties are eligible for renewal and are willing to renew, the parties should continue to apply for renewal as usual. Although the visa centre is currently not open, the online application for immigration is working as normal.


  • If the parties meet the conditions for applying for other long-term visas, they usually need to go back to submit the application. According to the current Immigration Department’s policy, these people can apply for a transfer or new visas directly in the UK, and no longer need to leave the country.


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