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Today, our Immigration General Supervisor Mahfuz Ahmed takes us through a recent immigration case handled by Lisa’s Law. In this case, we succeeded in obtaining an unreasonable costs order against the Secretary of State for the Home Department following a successful appeal.


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The case


We acted for our client in their appeal, who had been in the UK for 20 years. The Home Office refused his initial application, which we appealed. During the appeal, the Judge accepted that the client had been in the UK for 20 years continuously and allowed the appeal.


We did not stop at the allowance of the appeal. We believed that the Home Office’s refusal of our client’s case was completely unreasonable and a competent decision at the application stage would have saved much time and money which has now been spent on appeal.


Subsequently, we made an application for unreasonable costs order against the Secretary of State. Such orders to be granted are very rare however we were confident that refusing our client’s application was entirely unreasonable conduct. The Court accepted our application and agreed with our view. Finally, the Court ordered that the Home Office pay for our client’s legal fees incurred in representing our client in the appeal.


Our client was extremely pleased with the result, as not only did he obtain leave, but he was also reimbursed for the legal fees that he had incurred.




Although unreasonable costs orders are very rarely granted against the Home Office, if a case has been prepared well from the outset, we believe such an application should be made by all. Should such applications be made, this may ensure that the Home Office apply consistency in the level of due consideration when making decisions on immigration applications.


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