Lisa’s Law Helps Human Trafficking Victim in Successful Asylum Appeal Case

Amidst the harrowing tales of human trafficking, a beacon of hope emerges with the outcome of a successful asylum appeal case of an individual who had endured the horrors of modern-day slavery. The Upper Tribunal’s landmark decision overturns a previous ruling. This new ruling recognises the plight of our client, a Chinese national who was […]

Successful argument made that time spent reporting to Home Office should count towards 10 years lawful residence

We are delighted to have been recently successful in representing a client in their application for Indefinite Leave to Remain. This was on the basis that our client lawfully resided in the UK for 10 years. We argued that the time spent reporting to the Home Office following an unsuccessful asylum claim should count towards […]

Success in obtaining unreasonable costs following appeal against the Home Office

  At Lisa’s Law, we deal with all manner of cases. We often like to highlight these if we feel that they might be of particular interest to those who wish to learn more about the legal sector or those who would like to see examples of the kind of work we take on board. […]

Successful appeal on behalf of elderly Chinese national after Home Office’s unsympathetic refusal of leave to remain

  We have recently been successful in an appeal which has led to our client, aged 84, obtaining leave to remain on the basis of her family and private life. This follows an initial leave to remain refusal by the Home Office.   Our client made an application based on exceptional circumstances outside of the […]

Termination of parental responsibility – when can it occur and what can we learn from a recent case?

As a law firm we understand that families can go through hard times as well as good times. Often, when issues arise they can be sorted out. Alternatively, the issues cannot be completely fixed but a reasonable compromise can be made, and people can come to an arrangement that works for everyone. However, when things […]

Legal practitioners: Mind the Label! – the parallel effect of “Subject to Contract” and “Without Prejudice”

Written by Yitong Guo.   Case concerned:   Joanne Properties Ltd v Moneything Capital Ltd [2020] EWCA Civ 1541[1]   The Case Background   This case concerns a claim brought by Joanne Properties Ltd (‘JPL’) in the Queen’s Bench Division due to a dispute of a financial arrangement between the parties. JPL was the owner of […]

Leave it or Sign it? Simple miscommunications can lead to serious consequences!

Wtitten by Yitong Guo.   BEC Construction Limited v Melt Hythe Limited [2020] EWHC 970 (TCC)   The Fact:   This is a High Court case in TECHNOLOGY & CONSTRUCTION division.   The Defendant Melt Hythe Limited is a company registered in England and Wales. Its registered office is at an address known as Sunnyside, […]

Property dispute handled excellently at Lisa’s Law

We recently navigated our way to success in a particularly challenging litigation case, whereby the defending party used various tactics to confuse and delay legal proceedings from taking place. While, as legal practitioners, this can make for frustrating work, it is all the more satisfying when that work pays off and our client is left […]

Custody battle between parents – how to make the best of a bad situation

The love between a parent and their child forms the base of the strongest bond imaginable between humans, and most families will do whatever it takes to stay together. However, sometimes life gets in the way and family situations are not always going to be perfect. We recently handled a sensitive family case, and are […]

Client receives HUGE unexpected bill leading to a true David vs Goliath success story!

Life can be full of unwelcome surprises.   Picture the scene:   A businessman rents out a premises from their local council, paying them rent and believing that the energy bills are included in that rent. They have never received a bill and have always assumed that the landlord takes care of it.   Once […]

Tax avoidance case successfully handled! Client saves over £70,000!

The running of a business can take its toll. From balancing finances, looking after staff, providing a good service and everything in-between, it is no wonder that thousands of business owners in the UK frequently experience high levels of stress!   That stress is multiplied tenfold when you are accused of running your business in […]

Family reunions – A success story from Lisa’s Law

To be separated from your family for a long time is one of the hardest and most heart-breaking ordeals a person can go through. This is heightened when it is a parent who is separated from their child, with hardly any means of reuniting.   Even when the child grows to be almost 18, in […]