The Mortgage Process – A Walkthrough

Buying your first property is bound to be one of the most exciting yet nerve wracking experiences you’ll go through in life. On the one hand you’ll have the chance to make a place your own and will feel a great sense of satisfaction and security in owning your own home, but on the other […]

10 things that should be at the front of first time buyers minds

Here at Lisa’s Law we deal with tonnes of different property cases, be it commercial conveyancing, or a growing family looking for a bigger place to live as the kids get older. An important demographic that we enjoy working with are those looking to buy property for the first time.   We have compiled a […]

Residential disputes – is your home fit for habitation?

Landlords and tenants enter into a contract together with hopes of a mutually beneficial and harmonious relationship. Each hope to get what they want and both envision disputes and confrontation to be at a minimum or ideally non-existent. The unfortunate thing about this is most of the time life is not so simple and care […]