Past association with extremists results in naturalisation claim being refused by Home Secretary

    A person can apply for naturalisation and become a British citizen if they satisfy all the requirements. Some of these requirements include suitability requirements, eligibility requirements and passing the Life in the UK test.   Schedule 1, paragraph 1(2)(a) of the British Nationality Act 1981 states that any applicant must be in the […]

UK Immigration Rules: Let’s keep up with the changes!

The Home Office has recently published newly updated immigration rules which will dictate how people are able to enter and remain in the UK. Some of the changes you will read about here are directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic, or the situation in Afghanistan, while others will be connected to the EU Settlement Scheme […]

Reasonable or Criminal? Failing to produce Immigration Documents is a serious issue

It goes without saying that the only way one should enter into any country, including the UK, is by legal and correctly organised means, which involves having all the necessary paperwork and documentation on your person at the time of your arrival.   However, we are aware that life is not always so simple, and […]

Wind Farm Workers – Extended Period to Join UK Workforce for non-EEA Nationals

In 2017, the Home Secretary introduced a concession to the Immigration Rules to allow the employment of non-European Economic Area (EEA) nationals who are joining vessels engaged in the construction and maintenance of offshore wind projects in UK territorial waters.   The Home Office has just announced that this concession has been extended, with workers […]

The Most Recent Changes to Immigration Rules – key things to be aware of

It might seem like a strange time for the Home Office to change the Immigration Rules, with a global pandemic going on which has already cast so much uncertainty over the world.   Nonetheless, they are never short of surprises. On 14th May 2020, the Secretary of the State laid down changes to the Immigration […]

PSW is back – international students can now stay in UK for two years after graduation?

An increased focus on genetic research and the prevention of illnesses and disease means that the Home Office is planning to increase the amount of time international students with successful degrees have to find work in the UK after graduating.   Students will need to have successfully completed a degree from a trusted UK university […]

EU & non-EU: there have been important changes to the UK immigration rules

The Home Office have just announced some changes to the UK’s immigration rules. They will be of particular interest to those wanting to access the EU Settlement Scheme in the wake of Brexit.   These changes are fairly extensive, but are definitely worth knowing!   Amendments to the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS):   The Home […]