Bullying in the workplace is more common than you may think. Considering, on average, we spend around a third of our life at work this cannot go unchecked and people who feel that they are victimised must be supported and know that they need not stand for it.


Workplace bullying can take many forms, much like any kind of bullying. Making rude comments, nasty jokes or choosing to isolate an individual are all forms of bullying. It could also be choosing to ignore emails from certain people or deliberately overloading them with work. This type of behaviour is horrible and can have seriously detrimental effects on the person’s mental and physical health.


There are some steps that people who feel they are being bullied can take. The most obvious, but not always the easiest, option is to confront the tormentors directly and let them know how their behaviour is making you feel and that you want them to stop. We understand that it is not always this easy and that sometimes a confrontation of this kind can make matters even more difficult than they already are. Talking to a manager or member of the HR team, in an informal capacity if you wish, can also be an effective move.


If a more official route is needed you can write what’s called a grievance letter. You can do this by yourself but if you don’t feel comfortable or you would like some help with it you can hire a solicitor to assist you. You then deliver this letter to your employer and it will have to be taken seriously as a formal complaint, leading to an investigation into the issues you raise and hopefully concluding with a positive outcome. Lisa’s Law is of course able to help you with a grievance letter should you need one.


If your employer refuses to take your claims seriously, or the bullying continues, you may pursue a legal claim. Seeking advice from a solicitor may allow you to understand the situation better and give you a better idea of what your rights are and how you can move forward to get the issue sorted. It is unlikely that your employer will want to have a serious legal matter on their hands so it can be a good plan to show your intent early on to let them know you are serious about the situation.


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