With the UK general election 2024 fast approaching, here at Lisa’s Law, we would like to talk about the different immigration policies proposed by the main parties running for office.


So, let’s start with the Conservatives. In their manifesto, they have proposed several measures aimed at curbing migration. These include:


1. Health Checks and insurance – this would require migrants to undergo a health check before coming to the UK and either increase the immigration health surcharge or require migrants to purchase health insurance.


2. Another proposal is to increase the visa fees and eliminate the student discount available on the immigration health surcharge.


3. Another proposal is implementing a cap on the number of work and family visas issued.


4. The Conservatives have also proposed adjusting the income requirements for skilled worker and family applications automatically in line with inflation. We all know that the requirement has increased considerably this year already.


To tackle illegal migration, the Conservatives state they will continue with their Rwanda Plan to deport illegal migrants from July.


Our thoughts on the Conservatives’ manifesto are that it presents a tough stance on not only illegal migration but also legal migration, with stricter immigration controls. It may be tough for those on low or modest incomes to afford the increased fees.


how will the uk general election 2024 shape immigration - lisa's law blog


Now let’s move on to Labours.


Labour emphasises the need for controlled and managed borders. They are proposing creating a new Border Security Command Unit, staffed with hundreds of specialists tasked to stop and arrest criminal gangs involved in smuggling. They also plan to negotiate a new security agreement with the EU so that they can share real-time intelligence.


Labour also states that they will reform the UK asylum system by hiring additional caseworkers to clear the backlog of applications, end the use of hotels for asylum accommodation, and fast-track removals to safe countries where possible.


Labour has also confirmed that they will scrap the Rwanda plans immediately.


Our thoughts on the plans proposed by Labour are that it appears to be a pragmatic proposal, by committing to scrap the costly Rwanda scheme in favour of direct action against smuggler gangs, prioritising asylum backlogs, and proposing a new system backed with significant investment moving forward.


However, the success of this proposal will come down to whether these plans can be implemented effectively.


Finally, the Liberal Democrats.


The Lib Dems appear to have offered the most promises with a range of significant changes to immigration and asylum policies.


They have said that they would reverse the minimum income requirement threshold that was increased this year for family visas, reduce fees for children applying for British citizenship, and lift the ban on care workers being able to bring their partners and children.


The Lib Dems have also stated they would prevent public agencies from sharing information with the Home Office, repeal the right to rent scheme, limit immigration detention time to 28 days, and allow asylum seekers that have been waiting for a decision for more than 3 months to work.


They also state that they will fund community-sponsored projects to increase social cohesion among refugees.


Our thoughts on the plans proposed by the Liberal Democrats are that it appears to be a more progressive and humanitarian approach compared to the plans proposed by Labour and the Conservatives. The proposals are bold and may face significant challenges when it comes to implementing these policies.


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