There is a minor update and change in the Family reunion application category in regards to their location of the application and place for the biometric information to be taken from now onward.


All applications made in the UK for the family re-union must be sent to:


UKVI Family Reunion Team,

Admin Team 7th Floor,

Capital Building,


L3 9PP


In addition to this, in the UK if there is a new arrival in the UK under a family reunion entry clearance visa then:


1. On arrival in the UK, a Border Force officer must be satisfied as to the identity of the family member and will examine the individual’s entry clearance visa to ensure that the family member is joining family in the UK for the purposes of family reunion.


2. The applicant will be required to collect their biometric residence permit (BRP) from their chosen Post Office within 10 days of arrival in the UK. The BRP does not confer status in line, only leave in line.


If for some reason the visa has been endorsed in error with leave that is different to that held by the sponsor the applicant, sponsor or their representative can ask to have it amended by contacting UK Visas and Immigration within the specified time in due course.


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