We are delighted to announce that paralegal, Michael Hsiesh, who has been with Lisa’s Law since May 2018, has completed his qualifications and is now qualified as a licensed conveyancer by the Council for Licensed Conveyancing. Michael’s new title is Licensed Conveyancer Immigration Paralegal.


In addition to his conveyancing responsibilities, Michael also handles a number of immigration cases and will continue to do so.


As well as his newly acquired Conveyancing License, Michael holds a Graduate Diploma in Law from the BPP University of Law. He is also fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay, a crucial skill for a law firm like Lisa’s Law with clients who speak a range of different languages.


All of us at Lisa’s Law are very proud of Michael’s  achievement and look forward to him continuing to providing a valuable service to his clients.


Why is being a licensed conveyancer important?


As a licensed conveyancer, Michael is now a qualified, professional property lawyer who specialises in the legal aspects around buying and selling property in England and Wales. Licensed Conveyancers can do everything that a Solicitor can do in a conveyancing transaction, given that they have the legal authority to act.


As a Commissioner for Oaths, he will also have the legal authority to administer and witness official documents. An example of this is an affidavit to swear that a statement is the truth.


The road to becoming a licensed conveyancer is not an easy one. To do so, the Level 4 and Level 6 Diploma in Conveyancing Law and Practise have to be completed. These must also be accompanied by 1200 hours of practical experience.


The Council for Licensed Conveyancing describes Licensed Conveyancers as someone who ensures “that all documentation, contracts and financial arrangements associated with buying or selling a residential or commercial property or piece of land are in order. They can do everything that a solicitor can do in a conveyancing transaction – they have the same legal authority to act.”


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