Employer guidance for respiratory infections such as Covid-19

The UK Health Security Agency has published new guidance for employers around reducing the effect of respiratory infections in the workplace, including Covid-19. In terms of business law, this is certainly something to take into account for employers.   Although all Covid-19 restrictions have now been lifted by the Government, the guidance asks employers, workforce […]

Acas publishes new guidance on fire and rehire practices. What do they say and how might employers and employees be affected?

When it comes to running a business there are often ups and downs; one of the more significant negatives can be sizing down on staff. Of course, sometimes there are inescapable reasons for firing an employee that would not be up for debate, such as stealing from the company, behaving in an aggressive way to […]

Denial of homeworking or furlough request from employees due to fears of COVID-19 may not itself amount to unfair dismissal

Coronavirus has been a huge part of our lives for almost one and a half years now and the effects of it have reached far and wide. It has taken many lives, ravaged the economy, put thousands out of work and made people homeless. The nature of the virus makes it unpredictable, as new variants […]

Be Careful of Oral Agreements!

Written by Evveline Loh.     The court had recently handed down their judgment in Coleman v Mundell [2020] EWHC 2852  in the Queen’s Bench Court around the end of last month. The case was a dispute about an oral agreement made between Mr Philip Coleman (the “Claimant”) and Mr Mundell (the “Defendant”). The Claimant […]

Protecting Your Trade Secrets – What We Suggest: A Perception of Celgard LLC v Shenzhen Senior Technology Material

Written by Rosa Huang.     Recently an interim relief is granted by High Court of Justice of UK in a case enforcing the Trade Secrets (Enforcement, etc) Regulations 2018 (“the Trade Secrets Regulations”), Celgard LLC v Shenzhen Senior Technology Material.   What we know about the case   The dispute is between Celgard LLC […]

The Principle of Reflective Loss Does Not Apply To Creditors

Written by Lavinder Kaur, solicitor at Lisa’s Law.   What is reflective loss?   Firstly, the rule of reflective loss is derived from the principle of Foss v Harbottle, the company, being a separate legal entity, is the proper claimant to recover any loss resulting from an actionable wrong.   A shareholder’s loss in respect […]