Lockdown 2.0 – We remain open and ready to take your instructions!

As we are sure you all know, the UK’s second lockdown will start on Thursday the 5th of November and will last for 4 weeks.   We are writing this to let everyone know that we will remain open throughout the entirety of this lockdown and will be able to provide the same high quality […]

Lockdown divorce rates are sky high…and their affect on the property market is HUGE

Being in lockdown has been hard on all of us, but it has been even worse for couples who were already questioning the lifespan of their marriage. With the current rules keeping everyone cooped up at home, it can intensify an already volatile relationship.   Divorce rates since lockdown have seen a significant rise, and […]

Stuck outside the UK with an expiring passport? – here is what you should do

Getting a British passport is usually not too difficult for nationals of the country, but the coronavirus crisis has complicated the process for many people.   If you are in the UK and need a passport urgently, the bad news is that Premium and Fast Track services are temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19. The good […]

PM’s vague speech leaves many confused – but what has actually changed?

Yesterday evening, Boris Johnson announced the government’s plan to continue to fight coronavirus in the UK with a view to, at the same time, introduce policies that will help move the country towards normality once again. This announcement was followed by a 60 page guidance document made public today (11/05/2020).   His speech has been […]

What powers do the police have in enforcing social distancing?

The police are doing a fantastic job on the front-lines of this crisis, and deserve a huge amount of respect, gratitude and empathy from the general public. What is already a massively demanding job has been made much tougher due to the COVID-19 outbreak. It is no surprise that the Thursday public clapping for the […]